Saturday, December 31, 2011

Non-member Elephant & Rhinoceros!

Thank you to madd003 for telling me about this! Here is a picture of madd003!

Guys, there is a hacker in our midst! Not only does this person have an inappropriate name: pee108, but they ALSO have an elephant and a rhinoceros. Not that big a deal, but this person is a NON-MEMBER and they have an elephant and a rhinoceros. They obviously have hacked Animal Jam.

Here is a picture of pee108, the hacker:

Sick People On Animal Jam Rant

Animal Jam clearly states in the rules, located HERE that inappropriate relationships and themed parties are against the Animal Jam rules.

A couple of people have asked why there are HEART EMOTICONS if Animal Jam doesn't want people to engage in inappropriate activities. Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure. To be honest, I think that Animal Jam is ENCOURAGING people to be disgusting and disturbing when they have the heart emoticons. I know that the heart emoticons are there so if you love something (like burgers, for instance) you can use the heart, or if you see a pet on Animal Jam that you think is adorable. Things like that. But still, there are ALWAYS going to be sad sickos on Animal Jam who enjoy grossing others out, and the heart emoticons don't help decrease their suggestive behavior, nor does the fact that we can "jump" on other Jammers.

I am getting sick and tired of people going around saying they are free and asking if anyone likes them. I get ESPECIALLY annoyed if someone comes up to me and asks if I am free. And I literally tear my hair out if the person who asked me if I'm free is a GIRL! At any rate, dating, clubs, and inappropriate, suggestive behavior need to stop! It's bad enough there are scammers, but these love-sick, pathetic losers who come online to be gross are just CROSSING THE LINE. I don't mean to be harsh, but these kinds of people really tick me off. They are desperate freaks who come on an online GAME about animals and plants, and try to get dates. It's really sad, especially the fact that the losers who participate in the yucky activities are IN THE FORM OF ANIMALS... I mean, seriously? It's bad enough you have to be gross in the first place, but for crying out loud, dude! You're a wolf made of pixels on a computer screen! You don't even know these people!

One more question for the gross people who happen to be reading this to ponder:

Anyway, thanks for reading Jammers! Hopefully this will stop some of those sicko Jammers out there in Jamaa.

Happy New Years!

What are you guys doing to celebrate the New Years? I know that some families have special traditions that they do for New Years, such as staying up until 12:00 PM, or watching the ball drop, (on television, or in real life) or drinking sparkling cider. So, what are you doing to celebrate the New Year?
I'm probably just going to stay up really late with my mom and dad. We are going to eat a lot of food (including apple pie) and we will watch some movies. I don't know what movie(s) we are watching, yet.

Also, what are your RESOLUTIONS?! A resolution is basically a commitment that you make to yourself for the New Year. Maybe your resolution is watching less television or making an Animal Jam blog! Some of my resolutions are:

•Be more outgoing and open to new things
•Try to be more active in the community, and more social
•Spend less time on the computer (this one's a toughie >.<)

I have more, but I don't want to share all of them. :P

And to end this blog post, here is a nice, peaceful picture to say goodbye to 2011 and make way for 2012!
*Full credit to my friend Pariprincess for this picture*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Cuffs Trading Frenzy!

Here is a list of the green cuffs travel progress. Apparently Darkbraken had the cuffs before Gary, but only for two seconds.

1. Bellsong
2. RaresHeart
3. Darkbraken (for two seconds, traded back)
4. garyt123
5. rh111 (full credit to MLDB for telling me about rh111. Thanks ML!)
6. maximum38826
7. louietheman

These babies sure are traveling fast, eh? I might stop tracking who has them, since they have already been traded to 7 people in a total of 3 days. :/

Horse Update Will Be Next Thursday

*Full credit to Snowyclaw's blog. To visit her blog, click this link: The Animal Jam Spirit Blog for the Jammers*

Silverstorm99 sent Animal Jam Headquarters (AJ HQ) an email asking about the late updates, and this was AJ HQ's reply:

Hey, no sweat Animal Jam! Everyone needs to take a break sometimes, and everyone at AJ HQ deserves a rest after all of their hard work and dedication towards Animal Jam, so they can spend time with their families and friends.
Due to the delay, you guys will have more time to buy Jamaaliday-themed items before they disappear when the next update comes around!

Jam on, jammers, and have fun!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Code

Hey Jammers!

There is a new code! It gives you 500 gems! Enter Jamaalidays and collect your free gems today!

RaresHeart Trades His Green Cuffs To Garyt123

Hey Jammers!

Garyt123, my friend now has green cuffs! Here is the timeline:
Bellsong was trading her mummy glove for a different color one day. The person she was trading said yes to the trade, but Bellsong never got the mummy glove she was trading for, OR her own glove back.
One week later, Bellsong told her real life little sister (mreek) how much she wanted cuffs to complete her outfit. For days afterward, mreek tried to get Bellsong cuffs without telling her (so it would be a surpise) and Bellsong never noticed that mreek was trying to get her cuffs. One day, mreek got all happy and told Bellsong that she had gotten her cuffs, but it was the same with the mummy glove trade. Mreek never got them, not even the rares she traded.

This got Bellsong angry because she felt that she had to do something, because mreek was her little sister and Bellsong believed that it was her job to make mreek happy. So Bellsong went to the help section on Animal Jam and found the email address in order to contact Animal Jam Headquarters (AJ HQ). Animal Jam Headquarters apologized to Bellsong and sent mreek cuffs and a mummy glove. At first Bellsong thought that she had only gotten a glove but when she went through her Jam-A-Grams, she found another letter with green cuffs.

On December 27, 2011, Bellsong trades her green cuffs to a person name RaresHeart, (who is a girl) willingly. I asked Bellsong if RaresHeart and her herself were best friends or something, and why she traded her green cuffs (because Bellsong always told everyone that she would never trade her green cuffs to anyone, because they were special and they were a gift from her sister). Bellsong said that she didn't even know who she was trading until she accepted, but that her cuffs had been causing her pain for a long time because everyone wanted them and she was forever being asked questions about them, as well as being accused of "hacking Animal Jam" (which she didn't do). Bellsong accepted the trade willingly.

Today, on December 28, I visit my friend Garyt123, and I see he has green cuffs. Now, since there is only one pair of green cuffs in Animal Jam I knew that RaresHeart must have traded them to him. Garyt123 said that he trade RaresHeart two pairs of non-member scary bat wings, a founder's hat, and tan cuffs. And, voila! Garyt123 (my friend) has green cuffs, and I don't think he'll trade them (if at all) anytime soon!

*This post will be updated if Garyt123 trades the green cuffs, and then a new person has them, and they trade them to someone else, etc;.*

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Achievements

Total Known Number of Achievements Possible: 239
Number of Achievements I've Gotten: 236
I need to get 3 more achievement

Swoopy Eagle (2)
          For The Birds! - Clear at least 15 passages B
          Birds Of A Feather! - Clear at least 40 passages T

Unknown (1)
          Herbology Expert! - Unknown B

Animal Jam Game Locations

 Game Land Location
 Fruit Slinger Appondale  Top left part of the land. To the left of the tree.
 Pest Control Appondale Top middle of the land. On the right side of the tree.
 River Race Jamaa Township  Bottom of the land, right next to the boat.
 Phantom Fighter Jamaa Township Bottom, right part of the land, inside Club Geoz. 
 Spider Zapper Jamaa Township Bottom, right part of the land, inside Club Geoz.
 Gem Breaker Mt. Shiveer Top, left part of the land, right above the fire.
 Wind Rider Sarepia Forest Top, right part of the land.
 Pill Bugs Sarepia Forest Middle of the land, at the top of the slide.
 Best Dressed Coral Canyons Right under the bridge, next to the beehive.
 Sky High Coral Canyons Directly to the right of the cracking bridge.
 Long Shot Coral Canyons Bottom, left part of the land.
 Temple of Trivia Temple of Zios Just to the right of Brady Barr’s shack.
 Gem Ball Temple of Zios Inside the Chamber of Knowledge, on the second story. 
 Mira Says Temple of Zios Inside the Chamber of Knowledge, on the second story.
 Pet Wash Crystal Sands Right next to Overflow, on the far right side of the beach.
 Overflow Crystal Sands Right next to the Pet Wash, on the far right side of the beach. 
 Double Up Crystal Sands At the top of the slide.
 Eat 'Em Up Bahari Bay Top right corner of the land, to the right of the ladder.
 Phantom's Treasure  Deep Blue The deepest part of the ocean by the treasure chest.

Official Animal Jam Rules

To access the official Animal Jam rules on Animal Jam, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Click the "Report a Player" button in the top, right-hand corner of your Animal Jam screen.

Step 2:
Click the blue "Rules" bar/button.

Step 3
Voila! The official Animal Jam Rules!
In case you can't read what the picture says, or the picture is not showing up for you, this is what it says:

1. Play Nice!
You don't like it when people are mean to you, so don't be mean to others.

2. Use Kind Words!
Animal Jam does not tolerate any bullying, inappropriate, hateful, or bad language.

3. Never Give Out Personal Info To Someone You Meet Online!
This means your phone number, home address, email address, and your username and password.

4. Cheaters Never Prosper!
And using a cheat code or any other program other than what Animal Jam provides could break the game and ruin everyone's fun.

5. Report And Log Off!
If someone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, you have the right to report them. Then tell your mom, dad, or a trusted grown up. Remember: It is OK to protect yourself!

Animal Jam Achievements

Click Here For A List Of The Achievements I Still Need To Earn.

B = badge/medal
T = trophy
R = ribbon

Accessory Shopping (4)
          Clothes Shopper 25! - purchase 25 items R
          Clothes Shopper 50! - purchase 50 items R
          Clothes Shopper 100! - purchase 100 items R
          Clothes Shopper 250! - purchase 250 items R
Best Dressed (6)
          Seamstress! - play Best Dressed 5 times B
          Stylist! - play Best Dressed 10 times B
          Designer! - play Best Dressed 25 times B
          Model! - play Best Dressed 50 times T
          High Fashion! - win 20 rounds of Best Dressed T
          Tres Chic! - win 3 rounds of Best Dressed in a row T
Best Dressed (Oceans) (6)
          Sharp! - play Best Dressed (Oceans) 5 times B
          Classy! - play Best Dressed (Oceans) 10 times B
          Posh! - play Best Dressed (Oceans) 25 times B
          Elegant! - play Best Dressed (Oceans) 50 times T
          Dashing! - win 20 rounds of Best Dressed (Oceans) T
          In Vogue! - win 3 rounds of Best Dressed (Oceans) in a row T
Brady Barr's Chemistry Set (1)
          Chemist! - create Dr. Brady Barr's secret formula R (click red 3x, green 3x, and blue 3x, then click the bunsen burner 3x, and then pick any test tube! Voila! Brady Barr's secret formula!)
Buddies (1)
          Buddy Added! - add your first buddy R
Buddy Games (10)
          Friendly Gamer! - play 25 buddy games B
          Friendlier Gamer! - play 50 buddy games B
          Friendliest Gamer! - play 100 buddy games T
          Winner! - win 10 buddy games B
          Victor! - win 25 buddy games B
          Champion! - win 50 buddy games T
          Bronze Gamer! - Unknown B
          Silver Gamer! - Unknown B
          Gold Gamer! - Unknown B
          Platinum Gamer! - Unknown T
Character (1)
          Color Me Rad! - change colors for the first time R
Den Shopping (4)
          25th Den Item! - purchase 25 den items R
          50th Den Item! - purchase 50 den items R
          100th Den Item! - purchase 100 den items R
          250th Den Item! - purchase 250 den items R
Disc Toss (5)
          Lucky Dog! - catch 25 discs in one game of Disc Toss B
          Hot Dog! - catch 50 discs in one game of Disc Toss B
          Top Dog! - catch 100 discs in one game of Disc Toss T
          Catch Me If You Can! - catch 5,000 discs total in Disc Toss T
          Pirate Puppy! - play Disc Toss with a puppy wearing an eyepatch T
Double Up (6)
          Matchmaker! - play Double Up 10 times B
          Matchminor! - play Double Up 25 times B
          Matchmajor! - play Double Up 40 times B
          Matchmaster! - play Double Up 60 times T
          Fast Match! - complete a game of Double Up in under 15 seconds T
          Perfectionist! - complete a game of Double Up without a mismatch T
Ducky Dash (5)
          Duck And Cover! - collect 50 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash B
          Sitting Duck!collect 100 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash B
          Ducks In A Row!collect 150 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash T
          Quack Quack! - collect 5,000 ducks total in Ducky Dash T
          Dapper Ducky! - play Ducky Dash with a duck wearing a top hat T
Eat 'Em Up (6)
          Nibble! - play Eat 'Em Up 5 times B
          Bite! - play Eat 'Em Up 10 times B
          Chomp! - play Eat 'Em Up 25 times B
          Gulp! - play Eat 'Em Up 50 times T
          Om Nom Nom! - eat 500 fish in Eat 'Em Up T
          Big Tuna! - eat 5,000 fish in Eat 'Em Up T
Falling Phantoms (8)
          Crust! - play Falling Phantoms 10 times B
          Mantle! - play Falling Phantoms 25 times B
          Core! - play Falling Phantoms 50 times T
          Fissure! - win 10 games of Falling Phantoms B
          Dome! - win 25 games of Falling Phantoms B
          Volcano! - win 50 games of Falling Phantoms T
          Eruption! - win 5 games of Falling Phantoms in a row T
          Ring Of Fire! - complete a round of Falling Phantoms without getting hit T
Fruit Slinger (9)
          Fruit Salad! - play Fruit Slinger 10 times B
          Fruit Cake! - play Fruit Slinger 20 times B
          Fruit Juice! - play Fruit Slinger 35 times B
          Fruit Basket! - play Fruit Slinger 50 times T
          Ripe! - win 25 multiplayer games of Fruit Slinger T
          Peachy Keen! - complete world 1-level 10 in Fruit Slinger B
          Top Banana! - complete world 5-level 10 in Fruit Slinger T
          Fruit Of The Doom! - defeat 300 phantoms in Fruit Slinger T
          Kaboom! - defeat every phantom in a fort with one shot in Fruit Slinger T
Gem Ball (6)
          Play Ball! - play Gem Ball 10 times B
          On The Ball! - play Gem Ball 20 times B
          Having A Ball! - play Gem Ball 35 times B
          Great Balls Of Fire! - play Gem Ball 50 times T
          Jackpot! - earn the jackpot in Gem Ball T
          Double Jackpot! - earn 2 jackpots in one game of Gem Ball T
Gem Breaker (6)
          Breaker! - play Gem Breaker 10 times B
          Buster! - play Gem Breaker 20 times B
          Crasher! - play Gem Breaker 35 times B
          Smasher! - play Gem Breaker 50 times T
          Gem Guru! - win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker T
          Gem Ace! - complete level 20 of Gem Breaker T
Gems (10)
          1,000 Gems! - Earn 1,000 gems R
          10,000 Gems! - Earn 10,000 gems R
          25,000 Gems! - Earn 25,000 gems R
          50,000 Gems! - Earn 50,000 gems R
          100,000 Gems! - Earn 100,000 gems R
          5,000 Gems Spent! - Spend 5,000 gems R
          15,000 Gems Spent! - Spend 15,000 gems R
          35,000 Gems Spent! - Spend 35,000 gems R
          65,000 Gems Spent! - Spend 65,000 gems R
          100,000 Gems Spent! - Spend 100,000 gems R
Hedge Hog (7)
          Road Hog! - play Hedge Hog 10 times B
          Hog Wild! - play Hedge Hog 25 times B
          Whole Hog! - play Hedge Hog 50 times T
          Hedge Your Bets! - reach level 10 in Hedge Hog T
          Phantom Catcher! - catch 1,000 phantoms total in Hedge Hog T
          Finders Keepers! - get 50 total bonus gems in Hedge Hog T
          Super Streak! - catch 10 phantoms during one power crystal streak in Hedge Hog T
Hot Cocoa (1)
          Yummy Cocoa! - create 25 cups of hot cocoa R
Jamaa Derby (9)
          Trot! - play Jamaa Derby 10 times B
          Canter!play Jamaa Derby 25 times B
          Gallop!play Jamaa Derby 50 times T
          Foal! - win 10 races in Jamaa Derby B
          Mare!win 25 races in Jamaa Derby B
          Stallion!win 50 races in Jamaa Derby T
          Jamaa Cup! - win 5 Jamaa Derby races in a row in Pro mode T
          Thoroughbred! - win 15 Jamaa Derby races in Pro mode T
          Perfect Race! - complete a Jamaa Derby race in Pro mode without hitting an obstacle T
Jam-A-Grams (6)
          Pen Pal! - send a Jam-A-Gram R
          1 Gift Sent! - send 1 gift R
          10 Gifts Sent! - send 10 gifts R
          25 Gifts Sent! - send 25 gifts R
          50 Gifts Sent! - send 50 gifts R
          100 Gifts Sent! - send 100 gifts R
Long Shot (6)
          Far! - play Long Shot 10 times B
          Farther! - play Long Shot 20 times B
          Farthest! - play Long Shot 35 times B
          Fartherest! - play Long Shot 50 times T
          10,000 Plus! - reach a distance of at least 10,000 in Long Shot B
          20,000 Plus! - reach a distance of at least 20,000 in Long Shot T
Membership (1)
          Welcome To The Club! - become a paying member of Animal Jam R
Mira Says (5)
          Mime! - play Mira Says 5 times B
          Imitator! - play Mira Says 10 times B
          Mimicker! - play Mira Says 25 times B
          Copycat! - play Mira Says 50 times T
          Mira Says! - complete the full sequence in Mira Says T
Overflow (7)
          Flowbie! - play Overflow 5 times B
          Flowbot! - play Overflow 15 times B
          Flowmaster! - play Overflow 30 times B
          Open The Floodgates! - play Overflow 50 times T
          Overflow Boss! - complete level 50 of Overflow B
          Overflow Master! - complete level 100 of Overflow T
          300! - earn 300 gems in one game of Overflow T
Pest Control (6)
          Squash! - play Pest Control 10 times B
          Smash! - play Pest Control 20 times B
          Squish! - play Pest Control 35 times B
          Splat! - play Pest Control 50 times T
          400 Legs! - defeat 500 tarantulas in Pest Control T
          10,000 Pests! - defeat 10,000 pests in Pest Control T
Pets (3)
          First Pet! - acquire your first pet B
          One Of A Kind! - acquire a pet with a rare feature T
          Fourth Pet! - fill 4 pet inventory slots T
Phantom Fighter (7)
          Fighter! - play Phantom Fighter 5 times B
          Hunter! - play Phantom Fighter 10 times B
          Exterminator! - play Phantom Fighter 25 times B
          Eradicator! - play Phantom Fighter 50 times T
          Phantom Warrior! - complete level 11 in Phantom Fighter T
          Superpower! - Use every power-up in one game of Phantom Fighter T
          Untouchable! - complete 3 levels of Phantom Fighter without getting hit T
Phantom's Treasure (6)
          Seek! - play Phantom's Treasure 5 times B
          Scan! - play Phantom's Treasure 10 times B
          Search! - play Phantom's Treasure 25 times B
          Discover! - play Phantom's Treasure 50 times T
          Quick Find! - complete a level of Phantom's Treasure in under 1 minute T
          Pinpoint! - find 500 items in Phantom's Treasure T
Pill Bugs (7)
          Bounce! - play Pill Bugs 5 times B
          Recoil! - play Pill Bugs 10 times B
          Rebound! - play Pill Bugs 25 times B
          Ricochet! - play Pill Bugs 50 times T
          Roly Poly! - complete every level of Pill Bugs T
          Bug Bomb! - clear every bug in a level of Pill Bugs T
          Go For The Gold! - Earn every gold ladybug in Pill Bugs T
Polls (1)
          Answer the Call! - answer 15 Calls of the Wild R
River Race (5)
          Petty Officer! - play River Race 5 times B
          Lieutenant! - play River Race 10 times B
          Captain! - play River Race 25 times B
          Admiral! - play River Race 50 times T
          Speed Boat! - win River Race 5 times T
Sky High (5)
          Bouncer! - play Sky High 5 times B
          Hopper! - play Sky High 15 times B
          Jumper! - play Sky High 30 times B
          Vaulter! - play Sky High 50 times T
          Treasure Chest! - reach the treasure chest in Sky High T
Slides (1)
          Whee! - ride a combined total of 50 slides R
Spider Zapper (6)
          Pea Shooter! - play Spider Zapper 5 times B
          Crack_Shot! - play Spider Zapper 10 times B
          Sharpshooter! - play Spider Zapper 25 times B
          Deadeye! - play Spider Zapper 50 times T
          Spider King! - complete wave 40 in Spider Zapper T
          Team Zapper! - beat level 50 in a multiplayer game of Spider Zapper T
Splash and Dash (9)
          Dorsal Fin! - play Splash and Dash 10 times B
          Blowhole! - play Splash and Dash 25 times B
          Fluke! - play Splash and Dash 50 times T
          Quick! - win 10 races in Splash and Dash B
          Swift! - win 25 races in Splash and Dash B
          Speedy! - win 50 races in Splash and Dash T
          High Five! - win 5 Splash and Dash races in a row in Pro Mode T
          Regatta! - win 15 Splash and Dash races in Pro Mode T
          Bottlenose! - complete a Splash and Dash race in Pro Mode without hitting an obstacle T
Spot On (7)
          Super Spot! - correctly identify 25 animals B
          Hyper Spot! - correctly identify 50 animals B
          Awesome Spot! - correctly identify 100 animals T
          Spotter! - correctly identify 10 animals before gems start to deplete B
          Spotting! - correctly identify 25 animals before gems start to deplete B
          Spotted! - correctly identify 50 animals before gems start to deplete T
          Ultra Spot! - get 10 speed bonuses in a row T (doesn't matter if gems have started to deplete. You still get the achievement - you just can't let them deplete past 25 seconds).
Sssssnake (5)
          Breakfast! - catch 25 mice in one game of Sssssnake B
          Lunch!catch 50 mice in one game of Sssssnake B
          Dinner!catch 100 mice in one game of Sssssnake T
          Dessert!catch 1,000 mice total in Sssssnake T
          Yum Yum!catch 5 golden mice in one game of Sssssnake T
Super Sort (6)
          Reduce! - play Super Sort 5 times B
          Reuse! - play Super Sort 10 times B
          Recycle! - play Super Sort 25 times B
          Sir Sortsalot! - play Super Sort 50 times T
          Super Sorter! - correctly sort 200 items in a row in Super Sort T
          Go Green! - complete level 20 of Super Sort T
Swoopy Eagle (6)
          Flying High! - play Swoopy Eagle 10 times B
          Flying Colors! - play Swoopy Eagle 20 times B
          Flight Of Fancy! - play Swoopy Eagle 35 times B
          Topflight! - play Swoopy Eagle 50 times T
          For The Birds! - clear at least 15 passages B
          Birds Of A Feather! - clear at least 40 passages T
Temple of Trivia (5)
          Whiz Kid! - play Temple of Trivia 5 times B
          Prodigy! - play Temple of Trivia 10 times B
          Head Of The Class! - play Temple of Trivia 25 times B
          A+! - play Temple of Trivia 50 times T
          Trivia Star! - earn the star in Temple of Trivia T
Touch Pool (5)
          Critter Finder! - find 1 of each creature in the Touch Pool R
          Creature Seeker! - find every variety of creature in the Touch Pool B
          Catch Some Rays! - find 10 rays in a row in the Touch Pool B
          Magic Touch! - find 100 total creatures in the Touch Pool R
          Golden Touch! - find 250 total creatures in the Touch Pool B
Twister (6)
          Breeze! - play Twister 5 times B
          Wind! - play Twister 10 times B
          Gale! - play Twister 25 times B
          Storm! - play Twister 50 times T
          Twister Top Dog! - get a score of at least 30,000 in Twister T
          Ring King! - fly through 18 rings in one round of Twister T
Unknown (1)
          Herbology Expert! - Unknown B
Wind Rider (6)
          Stratus! - play Wind Rider 10 times B
          Nimbus! - play Wind Rider 20 times B
          Cumulus! - play Wind Rider 35 times B
          Cirrus! - play Wind Rider 50 times T
          Cloud Commander! - earn the treasure in Wind Rider T
          Team Rider! - complete 10 multiplayer games of WInd Rider B