Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disappearing Servers and Epic Dens


Here's an e-mail I sent to Animal Jam Support asking about why servers disappear on Animal Jam and what epic dens are all about! If you need any help or were wondering about this like I was, check out the e-mail I sent to Animal Jam and the reply they sent back below!

Hope this helps!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sky Glitch At Mt. Shiveer


I have heard and read about this supposed "sky glitch" from other Animal Jam blogs, but never actually experienced it until today. I clicked Mt. Shiveer on my map, because my friend Pepdow and I were going to go to the Hot Cocoa Hut together. But when I arrived, I wasn't on land... Or in the sea... I was in the SKY! It was so weird! But it was fun! And apparently, Pepdow could SEE me in the sky. But she couldn't come up with me, and it wouldn't let me get down on to land.

Aren't the clouds beautiful?! So poofy, and magical! LOL!

Jam on!

Popcorn Machine Guide

Hi there!

What does every movie need to make it complete? Here's a clue:

I'm yellow and sweet,
And like to pop to the beat.
What am I?

If you guessed POPCORN you're right! At Sarepia Theater, which is located at the Sarepia Forest, there are epic, educational movies about everything under the sun, but those movies certainly would not be as appealing without a tasty yellow, popped treat called popcorn! And since popcorn is so popular, today I am going to show you how to pop your kernels like a pro!
Head into Sarepia Theater and click the purple game icon to begin popping! The rules are quite simple. Catch the poofy, yellow popcorn, and AVOID the BURNT BLACK poofy popcorn, and the GOLDEN KERNELS that are NOT POPPED.

So, the directions say to avoid these kernels: 
And these burnt pieces of popcorn:

And to CATCH these fluffy, buttery, yellow pieces of popcorn:
Use your mouse to move left and right and to get the popcorn bucket right under the poofy, buttery popcorn, NOT the kernels or burnt pieces.

Here is what the popcorn bucket looks like:
See how I moved my bucket right under the path of the falling popcorn?
It takes 8 successful catches of poofy, golden popcorn to get a full bucket. After this, you will have a popcorn bucket appear beside you, and you snack on it when you watch a movie in the theater until it disappears!

Jam on and enjoy the show and your popcorn!

Smoothie Machine Guide

Hi there!

I'll bet on really hot days, your animal just LOVES drinking a nice, ice cold smoothie! It is so refreshing! Well, guess what?! At Crystal Sands, in Melville's Juice Hut, you can make your own ice-cold fruit smoothie! Here is a picture of Melville's Juice Hut from the outside:

And from the inside:
Notice the stage where animals like to show off a dance move or two, and let their wild side loose! The fresh fruits are all organized in their wood slot pockets near the juice blenders, all ready for the next thirsty animal to come and give it a go! That animal COULD be you! All you have to do is click the purple game icon and then the first thing that will pop up is a screen that asks you which flavor/type of smoothie you would like to make. The different flavors are strawberry, grape, orange, and banana.

Once you have picked your flavor, your goal is to catch that and ONLY THAT type of fruit. For instance, if you picked a strawberry smoothie, you should only catch the strawberries, and NOT the grapes, bananas, or oranges. This mini-game is extremely similar to the Popcorn Machine game, only you are not preparing popcorn, you are preparing fruit smoothies.

That fruit smoothie plastic cup I just showed you a picture of is what you'll be catching the fruit you chose, in. It takes 5 correct catches to fill it all the way up.

Here are some pictures of game-play:
As you saw, there was a yellow BANANA in the bottom left-hand corner. That means I am trying to collect bananas, because I chose a banana smoothie in the beginning.

If you catch the WRONG fruit over and over again (by accident or on purpose) your glass will end up being empty. But you don't lose. There is no "win or lose" in smoothie-making! :P

Here is a picture of a picture taken a split second before a strawberry falls into the plastic Melville's Juice Hut cup. But guess what?! I was trying to make an ORANGE smoothie!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, here is a picture of a finished grape smoothie! (By the way, I LOVE grape juice, but a grape SMOOTHIE sounds DISGUSTING! LOL. I would NEVER eat one in real life, that's for sure! Haha! :P)

Jam on!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Cocoa Machine Guide

Hi there!

I am sure that all of you have seen an animal walking around with a cup of cocoa above their heads at some point or another. I have put together a labeled picture guide on how to make your own delicious, tasty mug of cocoa at the Hot Cocoa Hut, located at Mt. Shiveer.

This is the Hot Cocoa Hut from the outside. This is a place where animals can go to make themselves nice, warm drinks, and sit on comfy cushions by the fire with their friends.

Inside the hut, it looks almost exactly how you imagine a cocoa hut would look like. Clean, empty cocoa mugs are stacked on a shelf, bowls of whipped cream and marshmallows sit conveniently on a table right next to the cocoa machine buzzing in the corner. The machine shakes and trembles with great gusto as it assists you in preparing your dream drink.

If you click the purple game icon, you'll be able to follow steps and create your hot chocolate. The first thing you need to do is pick which style of mug you would like to drink your cocoa from. Here are the four different choices of cups:

Next up, you choose the color of cup you want. Note that different style cups will have different color choices. Each cup has a total of 4, but they will vary depending on which style cup you choose. Here are the 4 color choices for the style of cup I chose:

Step 3, choose the type of cocoa you want. There are three different choices. The first one is a light brown, the normal color for cocoa. The second choice is more of a coffee-shade. A dark, dark brown, almost black cocoa. And the last cocoa type is so white it looks like milk! Lots of animals like to pretend that the beverages are other things, and it helps that they look it! And also, most people (or at least I didn't) don't notice this lever on the left-hand side, but it controls the temperature of your cocoa. (It doesn't really, the cocoa still looks the same, like there is no extra steam if you select the hottest option, but it is still cool that you can even customize the temperature of your drink!)

Whipped cream or marshmallows? You pick! Your cocoa, your choice!

6 different cocoa tasties and they all look delicious, but you can only choose one. But don't worry, you can always make another cup, and try different things and experiment! It's fun, you'll see! I've labeled each "cocoa extra" from 1-6. You can tell immediately what some of the goodies are, but others are a little harder to guess at. But here is what I think each one of the tasty-toppings is:

Topping #1: Chocolate Shavings

Topping #2: Nuts

Topping #3: Chocolate Chips

Topping #4: Chocolate Sprinkles

Topping #5: Peppermint Sticks

Topping #6: Cinnamon Sticks

Please keep in mind that these topping labels are not official. I am not POSITIVE what some of them are, like #2.

And the finished creation after you add a yummy topping:

W00t! You finished! You're done! You have a scrumptious cup of hot cocoa, and now you know how to make it whenever you want! I hope I helped, and happy cocoa-making!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17/11 - Jamaa Journal #41

Hi there!
The secret message is: Jamaa is changing. New lands. New animals. New games. Different colors.

Jam on!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011