Sunday, August 28, 2011

Popcorn Machine Guide

Hi there!

What does every movie need to make it complete? Here's a clue:

I'm yellow and sweet,
And like to pop to the beat.
What am I?

If you guessed POPCORN you're right! At Sarepia Theater, which is located at the Sarepia Forest, there are epic, educational movies about everything under the sun, but those movies certainly would not be as appealing without a tasty yellow, popped treat called popcorn! And since popcorn is so popular, today I am going to show you how to pop your kernels like a pro!
Head into Sarepia Theater and click the purple game icon to begin popping! The rules are quite simple. Catch the poofy, yellow popcorn, and AVOID the BURNT BLACK poofy popcorn, and the GOLDEN KERNELS that are NOT POPPED.

So, the directions say to avoid these kernels: 
And these burnt pieces of popcorn:

And to CATCH these fluffy, buttery, yellow pieces of popcorn:
Use your mouse to move left and right and to get the popcorn bucket right under the poofy, buttery popcorn, NOT the kernels or burnt pieces.

Here is what the popcorn bucket looks like:
See how I moved my bucket right under the path of the falling popcorn?
It takes 8 successful catches of poofy, golden popcorn to get a full bucket. After this, you will have a popcorn bucket appear beside you, and you snack on it when you watch a movie in the theater until it disappears!

Jam on and enjoy the show and your popcorn!


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    1. I completely agree! I am a HUGE fan of this blog, and I LOVE it!

  2. Thanks so much! Well, I don't lie, because what's the point of running a blog that is full of complete lies? :P
    I'm glad you're a fan! I'm sure you'll see me on Animal Jam at one point or another! :D

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