Thursday, September 1, 2011

9/1/11 - Jamaa Journal #42

Hi there!

Hmm... The first new ocean game preview looks kind of like an ocean scavenger hunt to me, how about you guys? And the other game resembles some sort of a eating-fish-and-growing-bigger game. (If any of you have ever played the game Feeding Frenzy, or any other type of game like this, you'll know what I'm talking about.) Even if you haven't played any type of game like this, or even heard of or knew they existed, I assure you that when the new games/oceans are released to Jamaa on September 15, you will LOVE the fish-eating game! ;) I know I will!

And I don't know about you guys, but the first mystery animal picture looks like some type of shark, and the second animal picture looks like a dolphin! This is so awesome! Animal Jam sure has/is adding a lot of new stuff, just like they promised they would in the last Jamaa Journal, found HERE.

Meh... Marbles REALLY isn't that fun of a game in my opinion... I think if they had to add a new buddy game, they should have added the game Mancala. That is a really fun game to play with your buddies! Also, maybe it's just my computer, but either way, Marbles lags really bad for me. It freezes up, and it takes forever for the next person's turn. That's why I usually quit in the middle of a game, or decline a buddy's invitation to play.

Okay. These clouds are just epic! Take it from me! At first, I thought they were dog heads that you could hang on your wall or something, when they gave us the sneak-peak. LOL. I mean, they do kinda look like dog heads, don't you think?

Jam on! And in case you didn't know, it's Animal Jam's 1st Anniversary! And where there is an anniversary, there will always be cake! Enter this code: AJBDAY when you log in to get your very own, epic, tall, brown, delicious-looking 1st Anniversary cake! A great new edition to our dens! Also, try clicking on the candle flame on the #1 candle on top of the cake and see what happens. ;)

Jam on, and enjoy exploring and discovering all of the new updates that Animal Jam just released!


  1. I remember when oceans came out... Those were the days... The OLDEN days... The OLD days...

    First comment again! :P

  2. boring this was soo last year ago

  3. and um wen is ajs bday september what?