Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/15/11 - Jamaa Journal #43

Hi Jammers!

There are SO MANY NEW UPDATES ON ANIMAL JAM, including new lands, new animals, new games, and so much more, but first, let's start with the newest Jamaa Journal!

W00t! Guess what you guys?! What you've all been waiting for... OCEANS HAVE ARRIVED TO JAMAA! Hooray!

There are three new underwater locations that you can explore by yourself or with your friends! They are called: Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef, and Deep Blue!

To explore the deep and exciting oceans of Jamaa, you get to choose to be either a dolphin, shark, or seal. Only these three animals can swim in the ocean, and if you are a land animal you can not swim until you make an ocean animal. (You can do this by either clicking the "Switch Animals" button, or the first time you visit an ocean area and don't happen to have either a dolphin, shark, or seal, it will ask you if you would like to create an ocean animal. If you say "no" you can't explore the ocean. :P If you say "yes" you  will be taken to the "Create an Animal" screen! Dolphins and sharks are for members only, but seals are for both non-members and members! Plus, seals are the ONLY animal in Jamaa that can explore on both land AND in water! GO SEALS! YOU ROCK! :D

There are two new games that you can play in Jamaa! They are called Phantom's Treasure and Eat 'Em Up!
Just like I predicted in my post in the Newspaper Archives, titled 9/1/11 - Jamaa Journal #42, located HERE, the first game turned out to be a kind of scavenger hunt/finding-objects-hidden-in-the-deep game, and the other game is a eat-fish-that-are-smaller-than-you-and-grow-bigger game, just like I predicted! I feel pretty smart! :P

Haha! My favorite underwater clothing/accessory item is probably the jellyfish hat! I dyed mine purple, and my underwater seal is currently wearing a purple jellyfish hat and a purple flower necklace!

So, apparently there are now "ocean clothes and accessories" and "land clothes and accessories". Ocean animals are the only ones who can wear ocean clothes and accessories, available for purchase at Bahari Bargains, located at Bahari Bay, and land animals are the only ones who can wear land clothes and accessories. Although seals are the only animals currently on Jamaa that can walk around on dry land AND swim in the deep, wet ocean, they unfortunately still cannot wear land clothes and accessories in the ocean or vise versa. ;) Basically, when your animal is in the ocean, you have a different outfit than when you are on land. But your underwater animal has the same pattern as your land animal. And the same color name (if you're a member, because only members can change the color of their display names).

Although it does not say on the first page of the Jamaa Journal that there are 6 pages in the newspaper (it says there are 5) there happen to be 6 pages in the newspaper, just the same. This page is the last page of the last Jamaa Journal issue, and it is there to remind Jammer's to get their Animal Jam birthday cakes and to join the Animal Jam Club and become members to receive any one of four rare member clouds.

Jam on!


  1. New Code! it's treat and it gives ya 500 gems

  2. Oh! Thank you! I'll try it out!

  3. LAWL! Shark's name is enchanted thefoot! XD