Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Animal Jam Updates

Hey Jammers!

Today, Animal Jam booted us off after giving us a 10 minute warning to do a little, over-an-hour update. Check it out next time you log on!

There is a new newspaper:

New clothes and accessories for your animal(s) to wear:

New den items to decorate your home with:

New flags in the Flag Shop, located in Sarepia Forest:

New member gifts called Weather Clouds. There are 4 different types: lightning, rain, snow, and rainbow.

A tasty Anniversary cake to celebrate Animal Jam's 1st Year Anniversary for your den. Try clicking the flame on the #1 Candle on the top of the cake, and see what happens. ;)

Four new movies to watch in Sarepia Theater that have to do with sea creatures:

There is a new Bunny Topiary in the Museum Den Shop, and as expected, it is only for members of the Animal Jam Club to purchase:

 Brady Barr answers 4 of your questions in his 4 new videos:

Brady also has a new gadget video, in which he talks about the Snakebot:

Nothing new to see or purchase at the Chamber of Knowledge or the Mystery Emporium.

And then there is a new Jammer Central:

It includes a video made by Brady Barr about staying safe online:

There is a new calendar. This week it has a monkey background. In the last Jamma Journal it featured a wolf, and then the one before that, a tiger. (They only started the picture calendar three issues ago.)

There is a brand new buddy game called Marbles. That makes Buddy Game #5. The other buddy games are: Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, Shell Game, and Four Gem.

And the x2 Gem Bonus has moved from the game Double Up (in Crystal Sands) to the game Overflow (also in Crystal Sands!):

And last but not least, some people are probably thrilled about this because non-member gloves were extremely rare before and they had a hard time getting one, and others, like people who had gloves and they were rare are probably bummed. In case you are wondering, non-member gloves have returned. They just arrived in the catalog but they are on clearance; Animal Jam's way of trying not to let too many people purchase them to make them semi-rare. They are in the back of the catalog, the third to last page. Go check them out, explore with your friends or alone, if you prefer, and HAVE FUN with all these jammerific new updates!

I hope I helped!
Bouncing Shivermoon <3

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