Friday, November 11, 2011

Animal Jam Tips


Here are some Animal Jam tips to help you make your game experience the best and most convenient it can be:

•Remember to not spend too much time on Animal Jam. Get out and live your life! Play an instrument, read a book, go out with friends, exercise, draw or paint! There are so many fun things to do in REAL LIFE and they are all just waiting for you!

•When viewing the Jamaa World Map, if you click on the tree at Appondale, you will be transported to the Claws n' Paws Pet Shop. And if you click anywhere else other than the tree, you will go to regular old Appondale, not inside the Claws n' Paws Pet Shop. (This was a problem I had a few weeks ago. I thought it was a glitch, or it was just my computer, because sometimes when I went to Appondale, I was in the Claws n' Paws Pet Shop and other times I wasn't. But turns out other people experienced this, too, and discovered this sweet tip!)

•In the Lost Temple of Zios there is a patch of four flowers next to the Rafflesias. If you click them over and over until you get all four of the flowers to be the same color, some little colored stars will come up off the flower patch. You don't get anything, but it is still cool to try, and you can feel proud if you get it.

More tips coming soon!


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  2. Hmm. Well, do you play Animal Jam, Dreammae?
    Even if you don't, it would be so cool if you could make some banners for my blog! I'd give you full credit! :D

  3. Hi Sheesh4
    This was another great post, thanks for the information about getting to Appondale. It was really frustrating for me when I kept ending up in the Claws N' Paws pet shop, but sometimes I didn't. I thought they just programmed it wrong when they made it that you click on the map to get there.


    1. my name is princessluna12345 i agree "Anoymous" XD quick huh?

    2. i have two accounts but i'll only telll 1

  5. Hehe! I got the flowers! Yayy!