Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bellsong's Green Cuffs Story

This is not my post. This is Bellsong's. I am just posting it on my blog since everyone is always bugging her about how she got green cuffs. Before I post it, here is the link to Bellsong's blog: Bellsong's Animal Jam Blog

Okay. Here is the post that Bellsong wrote about how she got her green elf bracelets (or "cuffs" if you prefer the shorter word):

The World Will Explode With My Anger

OK, I know I should stop wearing my rares, but I CAN'T HELP IT! I'm really truly not a rare person. If I had no rares, I would be just fine, or close to it. I know I'm usually wearing them, especially my green elf bracelets. But it was my little sister (Mreek) who got me the bracelets in the first place, just like how it was me who got her a mummy glove. OK, I bet some of you want to know the story, and for those who don't, just skip the next part (Though there won't be much after the next part).
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEXT PART~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'll start at the beginning. One day, I was trading my mummy glove for a different one. The person I was trading said yes to it, but I never got the mummy glove I was trading for, OR my glove back. I was upset, but I thought there was nothing I could do about it.

Then one day, I told mreek how much I wanted cuffs to complete my outfit. For days afterward, mreek tried to get me them without telling me, and I never noticed. One day, she got all happy and told me she got them, but it was the same with the mummy gloves. She never got them, not even the rares she traded.

That got me angry. I had to do something, because she's my little sister, and it's my job to make her happy. So I go to help and find the email address to contact AJ HQ. They apologized and sent mreek cuffs... and a mummy glove. At first, I thought I had only gotten a glove (I wasn't upset, just cunfuzzled), but when I went through my Jam-A-Grams, I found another letter with green elf cuffs.

So there you have it.

Anywho, I'm gonna 
EXPLODE if people don't stop asking me questions about them. It gets really annoying.

Well, thats all I can think of to write, so I'ma stop. Bai peep, see ya'll round.


  1. Wow aj sent you rares??!! Im going to tell them how Louietheman scammed my freedom wings and I hope that they can get some for me :'(


    1. No one needs to bug you anymore. You can get them at horses only party and change the color -____-


  2. i cant believe this happened but one time a guy told me to send him stuff so he could make an office. i told him he had to promise to send them back. he promised and then never sent them back!

  3. I'm happy... No one has ever scammed me!

  4. i got scammed out of my glove and talked to anamal jam they said there was no way to get them back now i have three but i miss my old 1 ps add lamaareco

  5. yay happy ending!

  6. cuffs are back out now so i think bellsong is not that rare now...... Yea it is kinda weird how there bringing back beta items.

  7. i got scammed 3 times and i got hacked twice X-X i had TONS AND TONS of beta items that was 5 spike collars 5 pairs of freedom wings 3 mummy gloves 4 legends 9 tail armors 2 archways 3 giant lion plushies 5 founders hats 3 thunder clouds and........ last but not least the saddest one... was.. I HAD 12 BLACK BOWS AND 4 HEDADRESSES X_X this is no joke im not kidding D:

  8. I'm elasmesuar I have red and golden cuffs phantoms in a cage fox hat rare big horn skull rare princess neacklece seal plush 2 phantom plushies and like 6 fox plushies :D