Monday, December 26, 2011

Member/Non-member Server Privileges

Today I found out that non-members CAN'T get into full servers. I was going on one of my storage accounts and I tried to get on a full server but it wouldn't let me. Here are some pictures:

If I clicked on one of the full servers to try and get in, here is the message that popped up:
I don't know if anyone else knew that non-members cannot get into full servers, but I did not know this, and it surprised me a lot because I am so used to  being a member and clicking servers and being able to log in to them, regardless of whether they are full or not.

I found out that members could log onto servers even when they're full maybe a little over a month ago, because I was just experimenting with the servers because it was so annoying having to reload if a server was full. (I did this even when I was a member, because I didn't know you could just click a full server and get in.) I found a trick where you could just click the X in the top, right-hand corner and then click "More Servers" again, and you wouldn't have to refresh your whole page, because the Animal Jam screen refreshed the servers and which ones were full or not full, without refreshing your whole Animal Jam PAGE. Finally, I just got fed-up doing this. So I clicked a full server just to see what would happen, because I had never tried that before. I had just assumed that since the server said "full" I couldn't get in. But when I clicked it, to my utter amazement, I got in! And I've been doing this ever since!

I also am wondering if there is an actual limit to the number of Jammers on a server. After I learned that you could just click a server (whether or not it said "full" or not) and get in, I never had problems with getting into servers. But I wonder if there is a limit, even for members.

Jam on! And if you write about this on your blog, please make sure to give me credit!


  1. No, that's not true. I've been shut out of servers as a member (Stupid 'This server is full' sign :P) many times. -.-

  2. So there IS a limit, even for members? I always, ALWAYS go on Aldan (because that's usually where the most people are, so there are more people to trade with). But I've never not been able to get into a full server, before. :/ Never happened, not even on Saturdays!
    I go on the least busy servers if I want to play a game so I don't lag. :P

  3. Members can go on full servers?! I'm a nonmember and I hate it when there's only, like, three servers to choose from! :(

  4. Yeah, we can. D: I'm sorry Pancake. I don't think it's fair that Animal Jam won't let non-members go on full servers, too. It's such a tiny thing... :/

  5. i can go on full servers and im a non-member! wats up with that!?!?!?

    1. I dunno. My non-member account (Sheesh4Storage) can go on full servers...

  6. I have a storage account and it lets me go on Full server places.


  7. Maybe they they fixed it.:) :(

  8. That happened to me and i am MEMBER

  9. umm i am i real fan of your blog and all but im a member and if the server is full it doesnt let me in.