Monday, December 26, 2011

My Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves are basically small (or big) things that annoy you or that you dislike. Here is a list of mine (the ones I can remember, anyway. I have a lot of them.)

My Pet Peeves
  • When people are racist
  • When another person gets credit for your work
  • Flash trading (I despise flash trading. I will never participate in this "sport". In my mind, it is wrong. It is stupid and there's always the chance you'll lose items. Why people can't just trade the normal way and be good Jammers is beyond me.)
  • When people swear/use vulgar language constantly
  • When people think they're better than everyone else
  • When people yell at me
  • When people exclude
  • When people are perverted
  • When people are annoying and won't stop asking questions
  • When people make annoying sounds, knowing very well what they are doing, and that it is annoying (such as making their shoes skid and squeak on the floor)
  • When people lie to someone's face
  • When people say stuff so stupid and obviously not true, like they think you were born yesterday
  • When people randomly accuse you of scamming/hacking them, and you don't even know them
  • When people are rude for no reason at all
  • Rainy days (I hate them)
  • Mud (disgusting)
  • When I don't get what I want (hey, I know it sounds spoiled, but do YOU like it when you don't get what you want? However you handle it, I bet you wish you DID get what you wanted
  • When teachers blame a whole class for one person or a couple people (these people who ruin it for everyone couldn't care less about what happens! And when teachers say "as their classmate, it's your job to let them know that what they are doing is wrong and tell them to stop" it's so dumb, because the people who are not following the rules couldn't care less, whether or not you try to let them know that what they are doing is wrong or not! They are already aware of the fact that they're being bad in the first place!)
  • When people use big words to sound smart and they don't even know what the heck they are talking about
  • When people brag
  • When people say "see, I told you so" and even when they don't, you just know they are (even when they're not saying anything)
  • People who stare at you
  • People who smell and are unsanitary
  • People who are popular and rude, and make everyone else feel like crap
  • People who always make stupid excuses for something they did and who won't own up
  • When people only like you for your things
  • When people talk about you behind your back (they should be able to say it to your face)
  • When people burp (I'm an emetophobe: I'm afraid of vomit)
  • When people joke about vomiting or come to school sharing stories about their puking experiences
  • When people just won't drop the freaking subject
  • When people cough/sneeze without covering their mouth
  • When people are greedy
  • When people cut in front of you
  • When people make a big deal out of nothing
  • People with screechy voices
  • People who break the rules, and lie to the teacher's face (And they know fully well that what they are doing is against the rules, but they do it anyway, and even LIE to the teacher's face.)
  • People who are always asking you why you do this or that
  • Being falsely accused
  • Scammers/hackers (I hate them. They are despicable people who are lazy and horrid. They should all be banned forever and crawl in a hole and die. They are just lame freaks who find joy in hurting other people and taking their hard-earned rares. I hate them so much, but honestly, they are not worth it. Their personality is so shallow. And what ticks me off the most is that people have the nerve to scam/hack on Christmas. It just goes to show how many jerks there are out there in the world, but, fortunately, good friends make up for the actions of these pitiful fools. Except when you find out your "good friends" have been scamming/hacking people...)
  • Slow typists (I'm the fastest typist in my school.)
  • People who are always texting and won't pick up the phone and just call someone
*If I think of more, which I know I will, I will add them up!*

Do you have any pet peeves you want to share? Comment below!


  1. I agree with you on all of that. Another one you could add maybe is when people completely blow you off.

    1. The worst pet peeve of mine is when people chew with their mouth open, and smack very loudly. >.<

    2. Yes totally. those are almost my exact same peeves

  2. Sheesh4-

    I got scammed u saw it! Please check out my blog & read the post:


    1. I got scammed horrible last night... this person said i will make you in a video so i sayd ok and then he said trade me something really good i will decline so i did and he scammed all my rares!!!!! i cried in RL. ;(


  3. I saw you get scammed?
    Did you report the dude?
    When was this?

  4. bigcatsfoever DCP MODDecember 27, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    What in the world long post Sheesh!

  5. What can I say, a lot of things annoy me Bigc. :3

    1. hey she4, i hate scammers too, also can you make a post of your favorite food and favorite things? thanks that would mean alot to me!!! - rainbowboogaloo

  6. You get annoyed by a LOT of things. o.0 I'm the fastest typer in my class, probably because I've spent so much time in front of a Mac screen. XD I've even kind of created my own sort of 'technique' to typing without looking at the keyboard; again, hours in front of it. I'm so fast, most people come up and ask me to type something for them. :3 I agree with just about EVERYTHING on here. ^_^

    1. Same here Lordess OwlEye The Average and I'm 9 years old o3o I wish I could create a blog/convince my parents to let me but they would say I'm WAY too young D:

  7. Same here Owl. I don't even look at the keys when I'm typing. :P
    The reason I'm so good at typing is because I started writing stories on a computer (chapter stories) when I was 6. :P

  8. :O Same with me! I LOVE writing but I always make excuses and, I'm just plain ol' lazy. -.- My first story was actually typed on my iPod Touch while I was waiting to watch HP5 (I think). It was a really bad story but I've never been able to stop since. I'd love to read some of your stories. ^_^ What are they about?

    I'm all excited because I found someone else who writes a lot and ENJOYS it. Not many people do :P

  9. LOL. I don't even think I have my stories anymore. Maybe my mom does. :D
    I'll ask her maybe if I remember.

    1. LOL! Im writing about a lost dog :P i think i have already 5 chapters idk i dont keep track, and im the fastest typer in my class XD I was in the computer lab, and sitting beside a dude who pecks at keys, and he watched me and he stared at me then he said "GOOD LORD WOMAN!" LOL XD

      Add me on animal jam im amberlovesdaddy1

  10. when you said the one about scammers, the sentence about crawling in a hole and dying, was harsh for me.i'm not a scammer but, how many times you have to scam to be banned?

  11. Once! If Animal Jam catches you they will ban right away! They say in their rules it is against the rules.
    And it is not harsh for me. I have been scammed so many times, I don't feel bad saying that to scammers.

  12. @Sheesh4
    Cool blog, I love it! I was reading your post, and the one pet peeve I can truly agree with you on is, when people cough and don't cover their mouths right near me. It makes me feel sick for some reason. I know, I need to learn to get over it, I'm trying but sometimes it is hard. I'm a germaphobic person XD well, just thought Id share that. See you in Jamaa!

  13. Yeah. I know what you mean. I'm a germaphobe, too. :P

  14. bubblestorm14\SodaPopFebruary 18, 2012 at 3:32 AM

    the last two ones are kinda, i dunno the adjective but why do you not like people who type slow and text a lot? you know every nice person is nice just the way they are! and remember :you are who you are.

  15. I agree with you. I type fast too, I started before we did it in school, like in second grade. Later that year, my school started the typing unit... but then i moved to a place where you don't start typing until sixth grade and everyone is so slow... except a few people. I aced the typing unit, except for numbers and some symbols, which I never got to in the typing unit from before (yet i was way ahead of most people in my class) its annoying when people ask something like "Were you born knowing how to type that fast?".
    bubblestorm14\SodaPop: I think sheesh4 means its annoying when they type so slow. since you have to wait for them, and its frustrating because I am racing with my mind, typing in my head and they have to look and use one finger to type...
    people are who they are, and you have to like them for it...

  16. Man I agree with ALL of those things! Ecspecially the perverted one. Sadly! It happens alot at school with this one boy. And sadly me! By the way the is Pepdow. I should tell you my funny but weird story!

  17. Haha. Hey Pep. Yeah, tell me your funny story!

  18. I have one to add to it- when websites take too long to load! Especially Animal jam!!!
    pancake batter

  19. I used to LOVE to write, but now our school makes us, so I hate it now! That really turned a lot of us who used to love to write off. We have 3 times a DAY and I'm only in 5th grade- imagine how bad they'll make us write in middle school!

  20. Man you know what I hate, When people chew on their sweatshirt strings! Man It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying! This one boy at school does it all the time. The more he does it the more I want to slap him! But I wouldn't you know I am pacifist(I dont like war or any violence) lol >.<
    From, Pepdow23 :)

    1. t my school, a girl chews on her backback straps! gross with a capital BLEAH!

  21. lineyluv the boredMarch 26, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    There's an ANNOYING, MEAN, BAD kid at my school and whenever someone says "Hey, you just cut in front of me in line!"(he does) he'll say "I don't have scissors" in a really sarcastic voice. ):

  22. I hate people who text. They stay on their lazy butts all day texting.

  23. I agree with all of those but I have three that I hate the most: Racism, Popular kids and kids who get your whole class in trouble by doing one little thing and keeping you in for recess or lunch. That stinks, especially when the rest of the class is starving.

  24. I agree with all of them.

  25. OMG I'm horrible at typing LOL I'm soo bad !!!??!! :-(

  26. O.o Dang, that's long... But most of the things you put on that list i agree with!

  27. pirate151andwolfmillionAugust 14, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    Ya once when I was at school in third grade, when we were having lunch, some people were being loud and the whole grade got like 5 minutes off recess.

  28. I dislike it when people stare at me! But I stare at others. I don't even realize it... I've been doing it for a very long time. Sometimes people think I'm staring at them, but really I'm staring at an object. When I realize I'm staring at someone (I'm not actually staring at them... more like blanking out in their direction...not thinking about them) I'll shift my eyes slightly to the side. that way, they will think I wasn't staring at them, so they won't feel all uncomfortable and stuff.

  29. I agree with a lot of those, but you can't really say you "dislike slow typists". I'm a slow typist, and are you going to dislike me because of that? And I ADORRREEEEEEEEE rainy days! Here's a song for you:

    If you won't go out it the rain,
    It shows you are a pain.
    If you dislike the wet,
    You deserve to be caught in a net!

    Lol, no offence! :)

  30. Omg the teacher blaming the whole class for something only one person done is so ANNOYING!
    That happened to my class a few days ago.
    (I'm not gonna explain the whole story because this comment would be really long)

  31. here are a list of things i hate on aj -DANG CLANS I HATE THEM- -ppl acussing of scamming or hakcing them when i decline there trades- -wolf packs -.-- -dang snow leapords and artic wolves htinking there the coolest people ever- -my friends sister thinking she has control over me DANG YOU DUCHESS FIERYCAT- <------ sorry i just had to let that out XD -scammers and hackers- -jammer4570 and laet thinking there the coolest ppl on earth there older than 13 :U- -CLANS!!!!!- -CLANS!!!!!!!- -CLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- -people thinking they own sarepia forest and appondale and othe rplaces and telling ppl to get lost- and last but not least the most dreadful thing on animal jam -.- -PPL BRAGGING THAT THERE FROM BETA DAYS AND BRAGGING THEY HAVE FULL BUDDY LISTS AND NOT EVEN CARING ABOUT OTHER PPL AND JUST THINKIGN THERE ONLY SPECIAL!!!!!!- thats all :3


  32. I totally agree with you when you said one person in a class does something bad, and the rest get in trouble too. Once we were doing procedural writing, and this one kid in my class wasn't exactly great at it. When we were correcting each others work, I got paired with him. He had a TON of spelling mistakes, he wasn't very descriptive, and he didn't even put what you will need. I told him how to really write it, and he said okay. The next day my teacher asked everyone who worked with him to come see her. He hadn't changed ONE BIT OF IT, and she was blaming us!"You have to help him, make him work his best! I thought you were better than this....." And all that time he was standing beside her nodding away! Those kind of people really get me angry...

  33. Sheesh, I am a complete germaphobe and everybody knows it. People make fun of me and they will purposely couch on me. And the thing is they ask me why I have a gallon of hand-sanitizer under my desk and I totally lost it one time because I sit by this annoying kid and I snapped and called them old yeller. and just a lot of this is true for me also.... especially about being a germophobe.

  34. the thing that bothers me most in real life is when in class some kid starts making noises thinking there so awesome and boss and the teacher walks in and they act like you did it and the whole class gets in trouble and the person who did it is just laughing (happens all the time!!!!)

    Sorry for all da caps. But it happened to me.

  36. I'm with you...... except for the texting phone part XDD

  37. mine are exactly all of the above! especially because I am black, and people always stare at me and it makes me cry! just because I am not white, does not mean I am different! and I am a emetophobe. I pass out whenever I see someone do it, hear someone do it, or smell someone do it. I actually have passed out in class a couple times! XD ya and my best friend is white and she is one of the only people who doesn't give me this weird look. :'( and I am only in fourth grade and I type 46 wpm and people always ask me to type for them and I only started typing the right way this year XD I don't get it!
    -cuddlycoralreefdolphin or you can just call me dolphin or coral :) my name is actually coral!

  38. One of my pet peeves is when my brother tries to act cool and popular and ends up embarrassing me. (He tries to talk with a New Jersey accent and completely FAILS.)
    And I'm with you on the puking thing. When my stomach hurts I freak out and can't stop thinking about vomit. It's pretty weird.
    Oh, and another one of my pet peeves is people who think that bugs are nutritious and good for you. Who wants to eat a bug! I don't care if you ate one you would live forever...I'm never eating a bug. No matter how nutritious they are.
    Heehee, I'm a strange person with strange pet peeves. But, then again, who isn't? ;)