Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Green Cuffs for Bellsong

Edit: Bellsong said that she traded her cuffs to RaresHeart willingly. I asked if they were good friends and she told me that she didn't even know who she was trading until she accepted, but that her cuffs had been causing her pain for a long time because everyone wanted them and she was forever being asked questions about them, as well as being accused of "hacking Animal Jam" (which she didn't do).

I feel sorry for Bellsong, and she asked that no more people ask/remind her about her green cuffs.

Hey guys!

Today I saw someone with green cuffs. Now, a person named Bellsong was the only person on Animal Jam who owned green cuffs. The cuffs were NOT hacked. Animal Jam sent them to Bellsong's little sister, and her little sister sent them to her as a gift! Bellsong hated being asked about them, and it seemed that whenever I saw her, people who were always gaping at her, and asking her how she got green cuffs. She was always saying that she would never trade them, because her sister (Mreek) gave them to her and they are special. But, it seems she did, because she was the ONLY one on Animal Jam with green cuffs, but now she doesn't have them anymore, and a new person named RaresHeart DOES!

Here are pictures I took:

At first I thought that Bellsong had maybe just changed her name to RaresHeart, but I looked up Bellsong, and she is still there. She has new rares that she did not have before, and I looked at all of her animals and there are no green cuffs on them. I'm not sure why Bellsong traded her green cuffs, but she did.

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  1. i have green cuffs... they came out in 2012. and then thety went to horses only party. probarbly to be disguised as horseshoes :)