Sunday, January 29, 2012

Concerned For Two Users

Greetings from Earth cayl123 and allardmarley!

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve been expressing your emotions rather harshly and taking your anger out on others. I’m feeling sad for you. Obviously things are tough at home. Your tendency to aim your anger at others displays an apparent mental disorder and a need for help. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand what you’re going through. I, too, experienced occasional outbursts such as these back when I was five. Fortunately for you there are doctors and other professionals who are trained in dealing with these types of behavioral abnormalities and dysfunctions. Being mentally challenged is nothing to be ashamed of; however, I urge you to seek help before you follow this path into a life of crime and bad decisions.

A concerned human

*All comments for this post have been disabled for the benefit of the users. I don't want people to be greeted by a boatload of F-bombs, accusations, and repetitive insults. Also, all previous vulgar comments on other posts by these two users have been disposed of. This blog is mine and it is not going to turn into a place for low-life punks to express their feelings and opinions through swearing and outbursts of anger.*

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Animal Jam Code

Hello Jammers!

There is a new Animal Jam code! It will give you 100 gems, which is pretty lame and stupid considering you can earn that same amount (maybe more) playing Phantom's Treasure in Deep Blue for 10 seconds... But it's still something, I suppose. Anyways, the code is:

So enter that on Animal Jam today and collect your... 100 gems! (Hard to make 100 gems sound exciting. :P)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jazzy's Animal Jam Blog

Hello Jammers.

My friend Jazzy has a new Animal Jam blog and she asked me to advertise it on my blog. The link to Jazzy's blog is: Animal Jam Funbie. So, if you have the time why not check out her blog?

Sorry this is such a short post, but there's not really much else to say. ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Buddy Game (Scooped) Update

Hello Jammers!

It appears as if Animal Jam HQ (Headquarters) has changed the buddy game "Scooped" just a little bit. Now, every ice cream cone you make, they add one more scoop. Before, the scoops were random amounts, but now each time you finish a cone, the next cone you make will have one more scoop of ice cream that you have to add then the previous one. You have to make 5 ice cream cones in all (just like before). I like this a lot and it really helps for people who have slow computers and whose screens freeze up!

So why not try out Scooped today?! It's a really fun, fast-paced game!

Announcement Involving Blog Updating

Hello everyone!

To make sure that everyone stays on top of all things related to my blog, I am going to start making a new post if I update/add a page or if I add a new gadget! This will make it so that users can check out the things I add as soon as possible, because sometimes people aren't even aware that I have changed something and I want to change that! So, without further ado, here is the change I made today!:
Today's Update:
The "Contact Me" page has been edited a tad and has had a lot of new information added to it, so if/when you have the time I advise you check it out! It's sure to be very helpful and will aid in your enjoyment of this blog!

Previous Updates:
• If you haven't already noticed, when you scroll over a link on my blog, it will flash in rainbow colors! It's a small update, but I hope you guys like it because I sure do! It adds some PIZAZZ  to the blog, don't you think?

• A new gadget has been added to the left sidebar. It enables you to change the background color of the blog so that your experience reading/viewing Animal Jam Insiders is as comfortable as possible. Sometimes I visit blogs that hurt my eyes due to the colors and how they contrast, so I hope that this gadget is helpful for you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Land/Water Animal On Water/Land


You probably already saw WitchHatBunny's post about this epic glitch! I managed to do it and I took some pictures!
Underwater Seal On Land
 Pose (Left)
 Pose (Right)
Just Standing Still (Left) 
Just Standing Still (Right)

Land Seal Underwater
 My Clone
 Just Standing Still (Left)
 Just Standing Still (Right)
 Sit (Northwest)
 Sit (Northeast)
 Sit (Southwest)
 Sit (Southeast)

New Animal (Penguin) & No More Skyway Glitches

Hello Jammers!

I solved the little interactive puzzle on page #3 of Jamaa Journal #52 for the new animal that is due to come to Jamaa in time for the next update. I am 100% sure that it is a penguin! This will be so awesome! Now our seal buddies will have some friends! Are you excited for penguins to come?! Maybe we'll be able to use them underwater AND on land, like seals! After all, penguins live on land but they spend tons of their time in the water swimming around and eating fish!
Oh, also, if you hadn't already noticed, the Skyway glitches are gone. :( This sucks! I don't know why in the whole wide dang world Animal Jam had to remove them. They weren't causing any harm, they were fun, and Animal Jam is generally painfully boring because they hardly ever have updates (unlike Pixie Hollow and Club Penguin). The glitches added some fun to Jamaa and everyone loved them! Why does Animal Jam make all their game graphics if we can only explore the ground and we can't see the beautiful sky and the elephant statue and everything else that is cool and interesting up in the air? It's really stupid. Animal Jam never fixes the annoying, horrible glitches and they always get rid of the harmless, extremely fun glitches... For example, Animal Jam has had 14 freakin' (if you'll excuse my minor language) days to fix the cuffs glitch. They have gotten continuous complaint e-mails from annoyed Jammers and they still have not done anything to fix it. It's honestly not that hard of a task... But of course they had to go on ahead and fix the funnest glitch that Animal Jam ever had...

New Update Coming Today

Hey Jammers!

Animal Jam is on time! I'm very happy. I logged on today at 12:57 AM and I got this message:

It's been 14 days since the last update (which was on 1/5/12. Today is 1/19/12. 14 days/2 weeks in between.)

Buy the clearance items before they're gone Jammers! Remember that there are ocean clearance items and land clearance items (I'm not sure what the land ones are, though).

When you log in, be prepared for the snake pets and some new clothing and furniture! Also, the skyway glitches may or may not be fixed. But let's hope they are not for fun's sake!

Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Spy On Another Site

Did you ever wonder how many views your friend's blog was getting compared to yours? Or how many people view Animal Jam every day? Look no further! Today I found a site called: Spy Website Traffic. Here are 2 easy steps that you must follow to be a professional spy in no time!:

Step 1: Visit Spy Website Traffic
Step 2: Enter the address of a site and click Spy!

Isn't that cool?! Tell me what you think in the comments!

Interview With Ajrulezcutiecupcakesweetiepieafa

Hello Jammers!

Have you ever seen Jammers with extremely long names and wondered how in the world they came up with them? Well, I have a friend named AJrulezcutiecapcakesweetiepieafa, and I always wondered how the heck she got her name. Today I interviewed her about it and this is what she said:

Ajrulez - I think AJ rules!
Cutiecupcake - I think cupcakes are cute!
Sweetiepie - My mom calls me Sweetiepie!
Afa - A.F.A are my initials!

Isn't that awesome?! Here is a picture of my friend! If you see her in Jamaa, be sure to say hello to her!:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Awesome, Trustworthy Jammer!

Hey guys!

I was in Jamaa Township today and someone named chuck1234 offered me an orange fox hat for my purple eyeball hat. I thought I had two purple eyeball hats, so I accepted his trade. A couple seconds after, I found out that I only had one, which I had traded to chuck. I asked him politely to give it back and explained that I did not mean to trade it and that my eyeball hat was very special to me. Chuck IMMEDIATELY sent me a postcard with my eyeball in it. It was amazing. He literally sent it 2 seconds after I asked to trade back! Chuck is a really nice, awesome and trustworthy Jammer! I sent him his fox hat back and I also sent him a rare, bug-eyed rabbit for being such an awesome, kind Jammer.

If you see chuck in town, you can trust him. :)

Options For If You Want To Try On Clothes

Are you running low on gems, but you want to see how an item likes on one of your animals?! Well, you're in luck, as there are a couple of different ways that you can see how an item looks on your animal without having to spend any gems whatsoever!

Option 1:
You can always ask a friend who already owns the item to change their colors and eyes to look like you and model it for you. (Any color of the item would work if your friend doesn't have the color you want. Just pretend that the item is the color you want, and it'll be fine.)

Option 2:
The same as option 1 except it doesn't have to be with someone you know. (Like you could advertise in Jamaa or someplace asking if someone could model an item for you if they own it.)

Option 3:
Let's not forget Best Dressed! Best Dressed has almost all of the items in Jamaa, so you're likely to find the item you want there and you can try it on without having to pay any gems! In fact, you'll EARN gems!

Funny Animal Jam Pictures

Full credit for this amazing funny picture idea goes to one of my good friends hopperhiphop! :D
Full credit for this idea goes to my best friend UnicornHeart202! She plays both Snowflake Icysun and "Bob" in this mini production! <3
Austin134798 (left), Sheesh4 (right)
Who knew it was possible to drown in a pool full of poop? In fact, who knew that a pool of poop even EXISTED?!
Juniper Jellyjammer apparently thinks that the popcorn she just ate hit the spot! But which spot is she referring to?
Um... I wouldn't eat that "chocolate" if I were you, Teensy. Just a friendly suggestion.

A special thanks to my good friend 
Morris8697 for playing the gross crocodile in this mini production. I'm not going to add captions since I think the pictures speak for themselves.

A special thanks to my good friend 
Morris8697 for playing the beige-colored wolf who wants my autograph in this mini production. Also, a special thanks to the person who came up with the idea for this funny production in the first place! Another one of my good friends: 1PrincessIris1H0TT