Friday, January 20, 2012

Announcement Involving Blog Updating

Hello everyone!

To make sure that everyone stays on top of all things related to my blog, I am going to start making a new post if I update/add a page or if I add a new gadget! This will make it so that users can check out the things I add as soon as possible, because sometimes people aren't even aware that I have changed something and I want to change that! So, without further ado, here is the change I made today!:
Today's Update:
The "Contact Me" page has been edited a tad and has had a lot of new information added to it, so if/when you have the time I advise you check it out! It's sure to be very helpful and will aid in your enjoyment of this blog!

Previous Updates:
• If you haven't already noticed, when you scroll over a link on my blog, it will flash in rainbow colors! It's a small update, but I hope you guys like it because I sure do! It adds some PIZAZZ  to the blog, don't you think?

• A new gadget has been added to the left sidebar. It enables you to change the background color of the blog so that your experience reading/viewing Animal Jam Insiders is as comfortable as possible. Sometimes I visit blogs that hurt my eyes due to the colors and how they contrast, so I hope that this gadget is helpful for you!


  1. Yeah how DID you do the rainbow flash of colors thing? And the purple color for font that you USED to have? Also, the new gadget you got.

  2. I love the rainbow flash of colors thing.