Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buddy Spaces & No New Update Rant

Let's cut to the chase:
We. Need. More. Buddy. Spaces.

'Nuff said. 100 buddy spaces? Seriously? There are like, what, more then 1 million people on Animal Jam? And we get 100 buddy spaces? No offense, but that's pathetic. I feel so bad when I have to delete one of my friends to make room for another. I hate doing it! I want more space because I love my friends and I don't want to be limited to such a small amount!

Also, Animal Jam is procrastinating on the updates! I know it's the holidays and all, but they said the updates would be on Thursday, December 29th but they weren't! Then we all hoped the updates would be on New Years Eve but they weren't! And today (New Years Day) there are no updates, either! And there is supposed to be a monthly member gift, but only NEW MEMBERS get them as of now which is not fair!

I wanted to get off to a good start this year, but Animal Jam is not doing a very good job so far. There are groups of ranting Jammers who are complaining and yelling about the updates not coming, and they have every right to!


  1. FIRST~
    Also i remember that. I started one of the riots in the first place. It was in crystal sands... xD
    Also, idk why im reading this and it's February. And why I;m using weird grammar. I felt bored today I guess. :L

    1. Guess what all my friends have MORE than 100 buddies! I'm reading this and its 2012 and its October!

  2. Yeah. I started one of the riots too. I started a riot in Crystal Sands and one in Coral Canyons. :P

  3. this sucks croc butt. i wanna start a riot now. RIOT TIME!!!!!

  4. Ikr!? We have limited spaces to our buddies! And i havr to do the sam ething! get rid of a buddy to get a new one!!!! It makes me sad! :( I love my buddies and i don't want to get rid of my buddies! I hop AJ Sees these comments and Update to unlimited buddies. I want to start a riot! RIOT!RIOT!RIOT! I WAAAAANT TO START A RIOT!!!!!

  5. they should let us have 500 buddies

  6. hehe I'm gonna do what people do on YouTube: WHO'S READING IN 2016!?!?

  7. Now we have a 1,000 buddy list reception, look at that :)