Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finding Things Contest (No Prize)

Hey guys!

Today I was bored, so I decided to create a fun little "finding things" game. There are no prizes but if you are bored and are up for some fun and adventure, this is the perfect thing for you to do!

•There are 6 pictures in all.
•All of the pictures are accessible to both members and non-members.

Object 1

Object 2

Object 3

Object 4

Object 5

Object 6

All you have to do is tell me the land/building each of the 6 pictures is located in!

As I said before, there is no prize. This is just a fun little "I spy" kind of game where you get to search around Jamaa for hidden objects!

Object 1: (Room/Building you found it in)
Object 2: (Room/Building you found it in)
Object 3: (Room/Building you found it in)
Object 4: (Room/Building you found it in)
Object 5: (Room/Building you found it in)
Object 6: (Room/Building you found it in)


  1. Object 1: Appondale/Animal Museum
    Object 2: Lost Temple of Zios/Brady Barr's Lab
    Object 3: Lost Temple of Zios/Chamber of Knowledge-2nd stairs
    Object 4: Coral Canyons/Art Studio
    Object 5: Lost Temple of Zios
    Object 6: Mt. Shiveer/Cocoa Hut

  2. You got numbers 4 and 5 wrong. :) Remember, you can look underwater, too. ;)

  3. All i know is that the foot is in Brady Barr's Lab in Lost temple of Zios :)

  4. 1:Appondale: Animal Meuseum
    2:Lost Temple Of Zios: Brady Barr's Lab
    3:Lost Temple Of Zios: Chamber Of Knowledge, 2nd Floor
    4:Sarepia Forest: Flag Shop
    5:Kani Cove: Over The Entrance To The Den Shop (Sunken Treasures)
    6:Mt. Shiveer: Over The Entrance To Shiveer Shoppe

    Hope I got everything correct! :D

  5. aj is doing a stupid update an im angry about it

  6. omg i am bored i want a member ship but like i do not now were to buy is :( i wish i had one if you have a code my name is moises29 send me code

  7. You can get one from AJ outfitters.-Bunniesbunnybunnies