Monday, January 16, 2012

Interview With Ajrulezcutiecupcakesweetiepieafa

Hello Jammers!

Have you ever seen Jammers with extremely long names and wondered how in the world they came up with them? Well, I have a friend named AJrulezcutiecapcakesweetiepieafa, and I always wondered how the heck she got her name. Today I interviewed her about it and this is what she said:

Ajrulez - I think AJ rules!
Cutiecupcake - I think cupcakes are cute!
Sweetiepie - My mom calls me Sweetiepie!
Afa - A.F.A are my initials!

Isn't that awesome?! Here is a picture of my friend! If you see her in Jamaa, be sure to say hello to her!:


  1. Lol i would of wondered the same thimg! Shes my good nuddy! Also,i am luna615 and you deleted meh sheesh!

  2. Hey Luna! Yeah, I deleted you because I needed to add someone. It wasn't at all personal and I'm sorry. D: