Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Monthly Member Gift

Tip ~ If you're not getting the Jam-A-Gram from Animal Jam HQ with the New Year's Party Hat in it, log out of Animal Jam and then log back in. (Only members receive the Jam-A-Gram/gift.)

Finally EVERYBODY can have party hats! Before, only new members got party hats (in a Jam-A-Gram). It took Animal Jam almost 24 hours to get the party hats out, but finally they are here!
Here is a picture of the Jam-A-Gram containing the monthly member gift for January 2012 from Animal Jam HQ!
A picture of the gift once it was opened up. (You can either keep it or discard it.)

Here are some pictures of the New Year's Party Hat on an animal (the animal in this case is my bunny):

And here are all of the available colors of the New Year's Party Hat:


  1. i saw those bullies with you earlier!now i know why you were there!

  2. i used 2 have like 20 but i traded then all

  3. They're do awesome! I REALLY worn they'd give a hint for December 2012 on the gift. I got my member ship in November, so... Eek! What is it??!!

  4. the member gift for december is the gingerbread house den and a gingerbread tree house

  5. and if you want to find me on aj
    my user is.... staryuki2

  6. omg omg omg omg today someone out of the blue traded me a green party hat for my shark fin I like so excepted that trade of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!