Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jazzy's Animal Jam Blog

Hello Jammers.

My friend Jazzy has a new Animal Jam blog and she asked me to advertise it on my blog. The link to Jazzy's blog is: Animal Jam Funbie. So, if you have the time why not check out her blog?

Sorry this is such a short post, but there's not really much else to say. ;)


  1. Thanks, Sheesh.
    I can always count on you. :)

  2. It should work now. I don't know what happened. The link worked before but then it got messed up.

  3. ?
    The full link is:

  4. It does work!
    Just click on this, and maybe bookmark it if you want and or really like it which I think you will.
    Click this:

  5. Or, type it in, rather...
    You can't click on it.
    I mean you can, but it won't take you anywhere...

  6. Sheesh. Jazzy put a mean comment on May's blog. Go to And look at the comments.

  7. Did you even listen to me, Jazzy? I thought you were a good person and all, but I guess you aren't. Insulting the death out of me isn't mean, you are saying?

  8. Read the post called Go, WitchHatBunny, Go! on my Animal Jam blog, Animal Jam Funbie.

  9. Look, really sorry about that, I take it all back, and I didn't mean it. Didn't make that post on my blog because of that. It's all true, and I didn't mean to be mean, so I'm sorry to everybody that got offended, especially you, her best friend, and her, herself. Please don't go against me, or hate me. You don't know me, so you can't judge me. I hate fighting... Can we just forget about it and just make peace and friends? Sorry again...