Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contributing To Other People's Blogs

I've got several requests to do so but I have graciously declined them all explaining that keeping up my own blog is hard enough and extremely time consuming. I also have school, friends, family, homework, reading, and my other favorite past times. So as much as I appreciate/am flattered by your offerings of being an author for your blog I'll have to say no because running a blog is hard work and I don't think I could write for another one besides my own.


  1. Maybe you could have more people write for your blog! idk, its just a thought. PS- did u see the new code for 100 gems, BFF4EVER? if ya didn't it just came out today :D


  2. @Cheese: That's a cool idea but as of now I don't want any authors besides myself. I like to be in control and write what I want. It would be weird to have another author since they might write what I was going to. :P
    And no I didn't know that! I just visited The Daily Explorer to clarify if you were correct and you are! Thank you! I'll post it on my blog with credit to you for letting me know about it!

  3. To tell the truth, that's why I quit AJE for so long... because Im an author on AJC.