Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hot Cocoa: Difference In Steam

Hey Jammers!

You know that lever on the left side of the Hot Cocoa Machine in the Hot Cocoa Hut? Well, in a previous post (actually the second post I ever made) I had posted about this lever but I said that it didn't do anything (that I saw). Well, today I discovered that in fact it DOES do something. The difference is small and only someone obsessed with small details like me would notice it. But you can drag the lever to the green, yellow, or red (cold cocoa, medium cocoa, or hot cocoa) and once you make your cocoa there is a difference in the steam depending on which temperature you chose. The default temperature is medium so if you want it to be different then that you'll have to switch the lever manually. Here is what the same type of hot chocolate looks like based on which temperature I chose. Take a good look at the amount of steam (if any).
Cold Cocoa
Medium Cocoa
Hot Cocoa


  1. A TON of people know to do that. One time I went into hot cocoa hut and it said that is was FULL! But then I got in and there was TONS of people! They were saying how do get the steam like that and others were saying not telling and how to do it. So lots of people know how. Also FIRST COMMENT!

  2. Well I didn't. LOL. And I posted this for the people like me who didn't know. :)
    I'm glad you know how though. :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. sheesh4, this is your blog? and i didn't know that either. i was just randomly wandering on the blogs on animal jam spirit's list of other blogs. some of the blogs are off topic, but yours is actually about animal jam and makes sense. good job

  4. @Anonymous:
    Haha. Yes, this is my blog! I'm so glad that you have found it and that you like it! I try to keep it Animal Jam related but as you can see some of the posts are about me as well as interesting sites I found that I think might amuse others (like the spying on other blogs statistic site I posted about a while ago).

  5. Sorry this is off topic but I posted the video on AJF Weekly Jammer and I want you to see it! PLEASE! :3

    ... Sorry 'bout that.

    This is actually pretty cool. STEAMY STEAM STEAM STEAM! :D


  6. Does this still work? Cause I cant figure out how to do it if it still does.