Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Code, Happy Valentine's Day And Small Code List Update

Thank you to Cheese34 for letting me know about the new code! :D
There is a new code! It is bff4ever (remember, codes are not case sensitive). It will give you 100 gems (not much, I know...) and according to Animal Jam this code is valid (meaning it will work) until 2/29/12. So enter this code before February 29, 2012 or it won't work!

Also, the code explorer has expired and does not work anymore if you try to enter it. It only gave you 100 gems so it isn't that big of a loss... I don't get how hard it is for Animal Jam to just make a code that offers a decent amount of gems that you can't earn in a 20-second game of Phantom's Treasure... 100 gems is just getting annoying. ESPECIALLY because all the new items in the stores are so dang expensive! The code gecko has expired as well, and it WILL be missed. It gave the person who entered it a cute green-gecko-with-yellow-spots version of the normally orange-gecko-with-yellow-spots. Oh, and -- you guessed it. The code explore2012 doesn't work anymore, either. And it gave 1,000 much-needed gems. Sigh. Now the only working code is bff4ever... And it gives a measly 100 gems. Not much of a Valentine's Day gift, eh?

And I'm gonna steal Snowyclaw's catchphrase just this once and say HAPPY JAMMING! ;) And when penguins come I might even say "waddle on" like Club Penguin does. :P

Oh, and before I forget: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I'm not really a fan for all the "lovey-dovey" stuff but Valentine's Day is certainly a time for showing people how much you care for them -- friends and family alike! :)

Much better than a pink, lacy card. :D


  1. :0 u said mah username! C:


    1. :D good for you but um those codes dont work for valentines day 2014 so here is 1 that gives u 500 gems! :D the code is FRIENDSHIP have a happy valentines day! btw my user on AJ is kate3373 buddy and gift me if possible thanks!

  2. LOL. Of course I did! You're the one who told me about the code so I gave you credit! :)

  3. Yeah much better than a pink lacy card

  4. LOL its ok i do like Valentines Dat too

  5. Any cool item codes?