Monday, February 13, 2012

New Friendship Festival Stuff

There is a new flag for sale in the Flag Shop! It is a Dominican Republic flag and it is at the VERY back of the catalog. Just click the left arrow one time when you're on the main flag screen and you'll find it. It costs 150 gems just like every other country flag (including our beloved Jamaa flag).

In Jam Mart Clothing, Medusa Masks have returned. They are 4 clicks to the right from the main page. It doesn't say they are on clearance but we can just assume they will disappear from shops by Tuesday.

We have a brand new clothing item called Heart Antennae Headband. I'm glad that Animal Jam gave us our first BRAND NEW Friendship Festival-themed, land clothing item! It's about time. They've just been bringing back the old rares...

As far as I'm aware that's it for the BRAND NEW as in just-came-out-today items!

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