Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Servers And Rant

Heyo Jammers!

There are two new servers (as far as I know). If there are more I'll update this post with a picture of them and their names. :)

The new servers are called Kilimanjaro and Sierra Madre.

And I'm sure all of you have heard that we now have to spend 1,000 gems every time we make a new animal regardless of if we already unlocked all of the animal slots. I spent 16,000 of my freaking gems that I worked very hard for and now all those gems and my time are wasted. So, yeah, any time you make a new animal you have to spend 1,000 gems. Which means you can't even rename your animals unless you want to spend that much money... And I also hate the organizing tool. I liked my animals to always be in the same order. That way I always knew where to click to turn into a certain animal. But now the animal slots switch places based on which animal you use the most...

Also, penguins are for members only and the new penguin statue at the Mystery Emporium is just called "penguin statue" just like the horse statue is just called "horse statue". It's stupid. Animal Jam is getting lazy and is not being creative. Those are horrible names. I liked when they came up with unique names for each Shaman statue. But this? It's pathetic...

It seems that Animal Jam got rid of the gloves and medusa masks that were in stores this morning. Everyone was mad because those items were from Rare Item Monday's and Animal Jam said themselves that items from Rare Item Monday's would be available for purchase for one day and one day only (each Monday). At least they did something right... They also got rid of the Epic Wonders items that were on clearance, disappeared, and then were back in stores this morning. But they STILL have the horrible My Animals addition. I'm so P.O'd at Animal Jam, it ain't funny... They say they're trying to help us "organize our animals". More like "make us broke" and angry at them.

Overall this update sucked round spheres that I won't say... (Sorry, but I'm just so mad...)


  1. lol... The last sentance in this whole post is what a lot of us were thinking C:


  2. I agree Sheesh!
    The organizing tool thing stinks!
    I re-bought every animal so I could have them organized the way i wanted, now the whole thing is ruined because the organizing thingie!
    And also, I hate that you have to re-buy every animal too! D:
    Everything was fine the way it was! DX

    ~Dolphingirl7 >:B

  3. But now I think they made it so when you get rid of animals, you get gems back so you can buy a new one. (i don't know if its the full value, or part of what you paid, idk if this helps....) but i'm a nonmember....

    1. If you recycle an animal it gives you back 500 gems. (Half of what you payed).

  4. when i first started, i bought another animal. i thought "now that i have that slot, i can make so many animals!" after a while when i made some friends i started joking with them by making the same animals and names. then i had like. 5000/6000 gems, but after i made some new animals, i only had 1000! i was so upset that i had to use almost the last of my money to make my original animal. :(