Friday, February 3, 2012

No Sound Effect For Clicked Food At The Dinner Party

This is awesome! Before when I went to the dinner party it gave me (and everybody else who went) a horrible headache because whenever you clicked a food it would make a sort of "bouncing" noise. And some people kept clicking the same food or clicking different food constantly so it got so annoying. I remember the first time I visited the dinner party and there were so many people clicking food at once I thought it was part of the music -- like a kind of rewind-like, scratchy sound effect. That's how freaking bad it was. LOL. I just discovered this today when I visited the dinner party and I clicked on a hamburger. No sound! I made sure it wasn't just because my sound was turned off and it wasn't! So, yeah. Turns out Animal Jam Headquarters (AJ HQ) isn't all bad. They can fix glitches if they want to. Sometimes they just take a long time to do so.


  1. Omg I was wondering what this was! Thanks so much. Well this ruined my whole experience for this party :/



  2. i know right! it was giving me a headache!!

  3. there is a volume button in the bottom right