Sunday, February 12, 2012

Small Blog Updates - 2/12/12

Hello Jammers!

I just wanted to let you know that I made a new test account and tested the whole list of codes that ever worked on Animal Jam at one point or another in order to make sure that I had all of the working codes on my list and none of the expired ones. I added the codes "gecko" and "explore2012" back onto the list. I thought they didn't work anymore and I took them off of the list because LoveLost did. (No, I'm not blaming Love but I check her blog often so since she updated her list, I did, too.) But I decided that I don't want to rely solely on Love, although she is quick to update - even she makes mistakes. :P So I decided to look over the list of codes for myself (second time I've entered them all in on a new test account over the past 3 months).

I also made a nicer and more organized guide to codes. I hope it will prove to be helpful for everyone! It took me about an hour to finish it. :)

Jam on! And remember, penguins will come to Jamaa this Thursday (2/16/12). And we will also have a new "Rare Item Monday" item tomorrow! Brace yourselves, Jammers. It better not be leaf necklaces is all I have to say! :3

Oh! As you can see I have "curved" the sidebar and the post body! I've also made it so the date shows up for every post whether or not that post was posted the same day as another!

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