Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tatiletz's Blog

Hello Jammers!

My friend Tatiletz has a blog called Animal Jam & Jamaa! It was created sometime this month (February 2012) and it is obvious that Tatiletz has dedicated a lot of her time to customizing and creating her new blog. So the least all of you could do is visit it and maybe even leave a kind comment. Remember, we all began blogging at some point or another and the people who encouraged us and were nice were part of the reason why we continue blogging and how we became what we are today. :)


  1. Thanks SO much! youre the greatest person of all time! (personally, i think your blog is better than lovelost's)

  2. Thank you Tatiletz! And no problem! I love helping people out. But I don't like to compare my blog to other blogs or say that mine is better or worse. Mine is different and it's up to the viewers to decide if they like it or not. But I don't like to brag or say that mine is better because those other bloggers are my friends. They've worked very hard on their blogs (just like I have with mine).

  3. I think everyone's blog is different, so you can't compare them. I like the fact that sheesh4 doesn't do updates in Animal Jam, since usually I just go to Animal Jam Spirit(snowyclaw's blog), or Animal Jam Flash(lovelost's, but i think of it still as witchhatbunny's) for them.

  4. I know you said personally. And I was just voicing what I think about what you said. :)