Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fourteen New Servers And Blocked Word Update

Heya Jammers!

I have two things to say! First of all I discovered that Animal Jam has finally allowed us to say the words "slot" and "slots". I don't know exactly why these words were blocked in the first place but I guess you could use them in an inappropriate manner if you set your mind to it. But I'm very happy that Animal Jam has finally unblocked them with the newest update because you don't know how many times a day I had to say: "Sorry, but I have no more buddy slots left," and how many times I got frustrated because I couldn't say that and I had to word it differently. :P

Also, we have fourteen new servers! This is good news since Animal Jam has been extremely laggy and crowded lately! They are at the bottom of the list of servers and they are called Andes, Rockies, Sawtooth, Himalyas, Sierra Navada, Alps, Atlas, Cascades, Balkan, Pensacola, Apennines, Adirondacks, Appalachian, and Wasatch, after fourteen well-known mountains/mountain ranges. Animal Jam has spelled Himalayas incorrectly as well as Sierra Nevada. (But I think this was on purpose.)

INTERESTING FACT: The Sierra Nevada mountain range is where a large group of American pioneers known as the Donner Party had to resort to cannibalism to survive when they were snowbound during the winter of 1846-1847. (I know this because I did a report on the Donner Party for social studies. We got to pick an event during westward expansion and I chose to do the Donner Party because the fact that they were so desperate that they had to resort to cannibalism was really interesting to me and I wanted to learn more.)

Here are two pictures of the newest servers to hit Jamaa:

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  1. I hate how we can say the word like but not the word likes! Does it really matter if it's plural or not? >_<