Saturday, March 31, 2012

Change The Quality Of Animal Jam Screen

Heyo Jammers!

A while ago, LoveLost posted how to go into full screen mode, in which the icons at the top of the screen all disappeared (report button, achievements, buddy list, etc.), as well as the icons at the bottom of the screen (including the map and the chat bar). You just had to press F5 on your keyboard. If you wanted the icons back you just had to press F5 again. Also LoveLost figured out that by pressing F6, you could change the quality. Both of those things stopped working awhile ago when Animal Jam did an update (at least it stopped working for me. I don't know about other people) but today I was just fiddling around with Animal Jam and I discovered how to change the quality again!

Changing the quality helps people who have slower computers or a slow Internet. It makes things load faster.

When you're logging in to Animal Jam you'll see this screen (or the rhino or the lion. It doesn't matter)...

Right click with your mouse...

Scroll over "Quality"...

Select "Low"...

Do all of the above steps before reaching this screen...

Making/Recycling Monkeys (Gem Price/Refund Change)

Heyo Jammers,

When you try to recycle your monkey, instead of this message that will pop up if you try to recycle one of your animals...
This message will pop up...

I'd think animals that are endangered would cost MORE money. xD. This is an epic fail on Animal Jam's part. >.<

Also, if you try to make a monkey they cost 500 gems instead of 1,000 and they have a big sign that reads "Endangered!" over them...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Animal Jam Map Title Change

Animal Jam changed the map title from "Jamaa World"...
To "World Map"... Just like they changed "servers" to "worlds".

Animal Jam Improvements List

Heyo peeps!

I'm sure you all have a long list of things that you wish would change about Animal Jam or that you think they should add/get rid of. Here are the things that annoy and inconvenience me about the game that I wish they would get rid of or fix. Brace yourselves!
Crocodile & Rhinoceros Videos
Animal Jam seriously needs to add the crocodile and rhinoceros videos in the Animal Museum in Appondale. Rhinos were introduced to Jamaa on June 9, 2011 and crocs came on August 17, 2011. It's been 9 months since the rhino video should have been added, and 7 months since the croc video should have been added. I'm not sure whether Animal Jam has totally forgotten about adding these two videos (I doubt it) or they are just being lazy and are procrastinating, but I know that myself and many other Jammers have long since been waiting for them.

Switch Animals Organization & Unlocking Animal Slots
I absolutely despise the new organizing tool where the animals that you use the most often appear at the beginning of your list. I liked all my animals to always be in the same place. That way if I wanted to change into a specific animal I would know exactly where to click and it would always be the same. It was easy and perfectly organized because nothing ever changed and it was constant. Now animals are switching spots and changing places right and left and anybody with one brain cell can see that this has the opposite desired affect of whatever "organizational tool" Animal Jam had in mind.

And don't even get me started on the fact that we have to buy every single animal over again, regardless of if we already spent 16,000 gems to purchase every animal slot. That's what I and many others did and it worked great. The system was reliable and effortless. We could easily make new animals whenever we wanted and never had to pay any more money after we unlocked the slots. But now... Well, I used to make new animals just to try them out to see if I liked them. I won't do that anymore. I would make new animals for roleplaying, or to try on clothing. Now you can't even rename your dang animal without paying another 1,000 gems and creating it all over again with a different name... 'Nuff said.

We should get full refund when we want to recycle an item. But no... Of course we get LESS THAN A THIRD OF OUR MONEY BACK. It's so stupid. It discourages recycling and makes people frustrated. This is one of the things I hate the most about Animal Jam. Honestly how hard would it be for Animal Jam to give us all our money back if we recycle an item? What would it take? The push of a button? It's a big, stupid waste of time, when in the end all you get is a measly portion of the gems you originally coughed up.

Member Smileys & Gifts
Okay, this just crosses the line to Pathetic Ville. It's so utterly ridiculous to restrict non-members from using EMOTICONS. I understand that Animal Jam runs on the funds from memberships and that members definitely deserve certain benefits that non-members can't have in order to persuade non-members to get memberships. But there is NO SITE THAT I'VE EVER HEARD OF that restricts non-members from the usage of certain emoticons. NONE! Not any Disney game, Fantage, Webkinz, and whatever other games there are. This is a new low in the game world that's for sure.

And non-members not being able to open gifts that were sent to them? That's horrible! If someone sends you a gift it's just plain cruel to not allow you to open it whether you happen to be a paying member or not. Gifts are a way to show you care and are thinking about a person. Isn't that what Animal Jam is all about? Friendship, giving, and thankfulness? Well how are you supposed to give, and be thankful if you can't even accept a gift that your friend sent you, huh?

 Calls of the Wild
Animal Jam SERIOUSLY needs more Calls of the Wild. I joined Animal Jam on July 29, 2011 and I have done all of the Calls of the Wild. I am trying to get all the achievements (I have 164 so far) but I can't get the "Answer the Call" achievement because you have to answer 15 Calls of the Wild, but ever since I joined (it's been over 8 months) there have been no new Calls of the Wild, and there are less than 15 so I can't get the achievement...

Clothing/Den Inventory Space
We're only allowed to have 100 land clothing items, 100 water clothing items, and 200 den items? Lame... Some people have been playing Animal Jam since beta, which was during the summer of 2010. That's about 2 years. Club Penguin has no inventory limits... This is just horrible. And once each of your three inventories has been filled, you can't accept trades that have item(s) in that inventory category (land clothing, water clothing, or den items) even if you like them a lot! I've had a glitch happen to me where I clicked yes to a trade even though it had one extra den item that I wouldn't have had room for (giving me 201 den items) and it let me accept the trade, but that rarely ever happens. If we have to have inventory limits they should at least make them reasonable! Sometimes Animal Jam amazes me... And not in a good way.

Larger Buddy List
100 buddies is a despicable limit. I constantly have to delete buddies or decline buddy requests because of the amount of buddy spaces we have to work with. And I hate declining requests and telling people: "Sorry, but my buddy list is full so I can't add you." I feel like a jerk or a snob but I'm not trying to be stuck-up. People may think I don't add them because they think I'm one of those rare, mean people but I'm the exact opposite and I'd accept every buddy request in a snap if I could. I want to apologize to anyone who has sent me a buddy request but it has been declined. It's not you, it's not me. It's Animal Jam.

New Message

I just got a message at 1:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) while I was in my friend Judahslion's den talking with TheDogLover (MLDB).

Small Observation In Sol Arcade

Heyo Jammers,

I'm still up at 1:36 AM and I have some cool observations...

There are a total of 21 game machines in the Sol Arcade. There is one of each game except Pill Bugs which has 2 game machines.

Next to the River Race game machine...

And between the Long Shot and Twister game machines...
Cool, huh? It appears Animal Jam has messed up on their counting...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Monkey Facts

A special tribute to our departing friends who will be leaving Jamaa forever in a few weeks...

•Monkeys make up two of the three groups of simian primates, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. The other group is the apes.
•Monkeys are most easily distinguished from apes by their tails. Apes have no tails.

•A group of monkeys is called a "troop".

•Monkeys are seriously threatened by habitat loss, especially those that live in tropical forests, a habitat that is quickly disappearing.

•Monkeys are omnivores, which means they eat both animals and plants.

•Proboscis (which means nose) monkeys are best known for the long noses of males, which grow larger as the monkeys age. They are so long they often hang over the mouth, exceeding 10cm in length.

Well, that's about it for facts. I hope you learned something about monkeys and have more 
respect for these beautiful, intelligent creatures! Don't forget to get a monkey before they go extinct!

Animal Jam Servers Update

Now, instead of being called "servers" Animal Jam has changed the name to "worlds". Personally I liked the name servers better because worlds makes it sound as if each one leads to a different world, when in fact each one is an exact replica of all the others. The only difference is the people on the server/world.
Also, Animal Jam has made the list of worlds much wider. I like it. Very neat and organized with large, legible text.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OwlEye's Animal Jam Blog

Heyo Jammers!

My good friend OwlEye has a new blog called Animal Jam Mooshroom and she asked me to advertise it! It'd sure be swell if you could all check out her new blog and leave a kind comment or two. (I know I always say mostly the same things when I advertise blogs but I can't think of anything else to say. :P) Anyways, here's the link: Animal Jam Mooshroom

Interesting Animal Jam Picture

Heyo Jammers.

I was just randomly browsing Animal Jam blogs and pictures and I came across this picture:

I never saw the chocolate box stamp before. Have you? Just thought I'd share that. I found it on a blog called Animal Jam Secrets.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flowesa McFlower's Blog

Here is Flowesa McFlower's Animal Jam blog: Animal Jam Power FlowesaFlowesa123's Blog.
I don't know what else to say. In the future it would be nice if you would comment around the blog or something instead of just leaving one comment asking me to advertise your blog and then leaving. I don't want to just become a blog for advertising random people's blogs.

Thanks in advance. ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Infinitychips's Animal Jam Blog

Heyo Jammers!

Infinitychips has an Animal Jam blog called Animal Jam Parade. Please check it out if you can and post a kind comment or two. Here is the link: Animal Jam Parade

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cool Lion Outfit And Animal Jam Announcement

Heyo Jammers!

Haven't posted in a while. I guess I'm just procrastinating. I still need to update "My Animals" page. Is there anything you think I should add/get rid of/update that would improve the blog and make your time viewing it more enjoyable? Leave a comment with your ideas!

Anyways, here's the cool lion I saw in Jamaa township that I decided to take a picture of:

Also, my friends and I got this announcement at 1:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time):

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Animal Jam Users

Sheesh4 (Member)
Sheesh4 is my main account. It is my only member account.
Sheesh4Storage (Non-member)
Sheesh4Storage is my main storage account.
Hermies4Ever (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever1 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever2 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever3 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever4 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever5 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever6 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever7 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever8 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever9 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever10 (Non-member)

I make a new user each time I check through all the codes, which is why I have all of these Hermies4Ever accounts. I'll explain how I got the name Hermies4Ever in a different post. That was my main username for everything for about 2 years. Then I started playing Club Penguin in 2010, and that's how I got the name Sheesh4. But in 2009, well you'll hear about it in a different post, as I said.

Blog To-do List

Here is a list of the things I need to accomplish:

  • Make new Animal Jam account (Hermies4Ever10)
  • Check all codes again just to make sure they work/don't work and update "Codes" page
  • Update "My Animals" page. Preferably just the name of the animal, a cool picture (an action the animal is doing that shows off all of the clothing so you're still able to see all/most of it) and a list of the head, neck, back, legs, and tail items (in that order) that the animal is wearing. If the animal is not wearing one of the items in that category, just put "none"
  • Finish making my Animal Jam Improvements List

Thursday, March 8, 2012

YingYangSoulCat's Animal Jam Blog

Hello everybody!

My good friend YingYangSoulCat has an Animal Jam blog called YingYangSoulCat's Epic blog for Jammers. If you can, please check it out and leave a kind comment or two! Here is the link: YingYangSoulCat's Epic blog for Jammers

Ilovekats's Animal Jam Blog

Hello everybody!

Ilovekats has an Animal Jam blog called Call of the Wild. If you can, please check it out and leave a kind comment or two! Here is the link: Call of the Wild

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stallion1's Blog

Heyo peeps!

My friend Stallion1 has a new blog called The Animal Jam Squishies! Please check out her blog! It is really cool and she is working really hard to advertise it! And if you can, leave a kind comment to show you care!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Four New Servers, Elf Tail Armor, New Name

Heyo everybody!

I haven't posted an actual update in... gosh, who knows how long. Well, if you like update posts then it's your lucky day! I'm just here to let you all know that there are four new servers. They are: Ural, Cantabrian, Kootenay, and Pyrennes.

Oh, and thanks to Cheese34 for telling me this! We have a new name to choose from when you make a new animal. It is for the first part of your Animal Jam name and it is "Lucky," in honor of Lucky Day of course!

Oh, and here are all of the known available colors of March's monthly member gift: Elf Tail Armor. Credit to these pictures goes to... ME! I took them all. :)
There are 13 different colors. Here they are: