Thursday, March 22, 2012

Animal Jam Servers Update

Now, instead of being called "servers" Animal Jam has changed the name to "worlds". Personally I liked the name servers better because worlds makes it sound as if each one leads to a different world, when in fact each one is an exact replica of all the others. The only difference is the people on the server/world.
Also, Animal Jam has made the list of worlds much wider. I like it. Very neat and organized with large, legible text.


  1. I thought Animal Jam always had those thick text? Regardless of that, I still do think the name "worlds" is quite stranger than "server".

  2. Yeah, but I noticed a difference. When I logged onto Animal Jam and saw the list of servers I immediately could tell it was wider since my eyes have seen it so many times.

  3. I noticed something. Kingrune got on the French server.... WHAT

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wow I was in the beta day back then
    it was so cool

    once u begin in the beta day test u get a free membership

    1. will like once it finishes