Monday, March 12, 2012

My Animal Jam Users

Sheesh4 (Member)
Sheesh4 is my main account. It is my only member account.
Sheesh4Storage (Non-member)
Sheesh4Storage is my main storage account.
Hermies4Ever (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever1 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever2 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever3 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever4 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever5 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever6 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever7 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever8 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever9 (Non-member)
Hermies4Ever10 (Non-member)

I make a new user each time I check through all the codes, which is why I have all of these Hermies4Ever accounts. I'll explain how I got the name Hermies4Ever in a different post. That was my main username for everything for about 2 years. Then I started playing Club Penguin in 2010, and that's how I got the name Sheesh4. But in 2009, well you'll hear about it in a different post, as I said.


  1. hey i love your blog and thanks for all your den names that is awesome

  2. ya can you find every animal jam player on animal jam

  3. tell me a real pass and user i got act

  4. tell me a real pass and user i got act