Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making/Recycling Monkeys (Gem Price/Refund Change)

Heyo Jammers,

When you try to recycle your monkey, instead of this message that will pop up if you try to recycle one of your animals...
This message will pop up...

I'd think animals that are endangered would cost MORE money. xD. This is an epic fail on Animal Jam's part. >.<

Also, if you try to make a monkey they cost 500 gems instead of 1,000 and they have a big sign that reads "Endangered!" over them...


  1. Hmm I guess thats okay.
    I guess I made a whole new account for nothing with a monkey as my first animal. since the monkey is now cheaper, I could have made something else my first animal and bought the monkey at a reduced price!

    mistawesome (my monkey account)

  2. >:( animal jams lieing (i knew they were) monkeys are only endangered in animal jam not in real life (besides some siten monkeys)


  3. I know why they did that.
    So people would be like "250 gems really?"
    And not recycle it