Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stallion1's Blog

Heyo peeps!

My friend Stallion1 has a new blog called The Animal Jam Squishies! Please check out her blog! It is really cool and she is working really hard to advertise it! And if you can, leave a kind comment to show you care!


  1. urm, sheesh4, I have bad news.
    stallion1 is a scammer...
    Atleast, I saw tons of other people (bloggers) say that.
    Many other jammers also saw her scam.

  2. im gonna hack stallion1 YAY

  3. If you have nothing positive to say please don't comment on my blog.

    1. But Sheesh4... Stallion1 scammed my friend!:( She's 100,000,000 percent scammer!

  4. Yes, say POSITIVE stuff! I hate scammers! WHY do they scam people? Some jerks do it on Christmas!!! D:

  5. Sheesh im very SORRY to say this but I agree stallion1 did scam! I dont get why pizzadrop is dating her... D:

  6. ummm sheesh4...
    its actually true that stallion scams,
    she even scammed me when i was only a non member....
    i even said in jamma: my den if stallion1 scammed you...
    and well 15 people came....

  7. sorry to be un-positive but there are several pieces of evidence to prove stallion1 is a scammer im not trying to be rude here but scamming is a crime. I think its better to report her because even though your advertising for her (and i realize you do it for anyone) she is out there scamming. To prove that she is a scammer go to youtube and search visualeffectsaj and youll see what she does i belive the video is called Proof Stallion1 is a scammer. No-offense-infinitychips

  8. Autumn/AutumnbunnyxoJune 13, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    There has been positive evidence that Stallion1 scammed my friend VisualEffects and he quit... I haven't seen Visual in a while so that's what I'm presuming...


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