Thursday, April 26, 2012

Un-opened Journey Book Gifts Icon

If you have un-open gifts in your Journey Book then there is a gift icon with the number of un-opened gifts.

Time Between Animal Jam Parties Time Change

Animal Jam has changed the time between each party to 0 minutes instead of an hour. And the list of parties that you can see has been extended.

Parties are 30 minutes long each. There used to be an hour between each of the parties.

Wolves Only Party Got Rid Of Jukebox

For some weird reason the Jukebox in the top right-hand corner of the Wolves Only Party has been removed.

Type Your Own Jam-A-Gram Character Limit

Animal Jam added a character limit for when you type your own Jam-A-Gram. You can type up to 70 characters. Characters are letters or numbers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One New Server

Hey guys.

There is a new Animal Jam server. Once again named after a mountain/mountains/mountain range. It is called "Alps". Gosh, the Swiss Alps sure are beautiful! :)

Deleting All Ask Sheesh4 Comments

I am deleting all of the comments on "Ask Sheesh4" so it doesn't lag for anyone! Start asking questions again! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angry At Trade Declines

Oh my god! An angry koala! Why is she angry, you ask? Someone just declined her horrible trade! Why/how could someone do that? It's cruel and mean and whoever declines her trades is horrible!

This koala is also one of the most hated animals in Jamaa! Want to know why? Because whenever people decline her trades, even when they apologize for declining them, she goes over and gives them angry faces. Overtime, it just gets annoying. It shows that someone isn't able to accept that they don't always get every freaking thing they want. They aren't royalty. If they are going to trade they should expect yes or no. People are allowed to say no. It's not against the rules. In fact, being able to say no, even under pressure, is an important trait that not everyone has. Some people just are too nice, or so shy that they say yes to everything, even if they want to say no.

So if someone gives you a mad face when you decline their trade? Ignore them! Don't give them the satisfaction! They are just little brats that want everything no matter what! ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Animal Jam Sis

Hello Guys!

Here is a picture of me and my Animal Jam sis! She is not actually my sister, and we don't know each other in real life but we are online sisters! She's awesome! I met her almost a year ago!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Happens If You Block Someone On Animal Jam

A couple of people have asked me what happens if you block someone on Animal Jam. Here is what happens:

1 Person Block

Let's say Person 1 blocks Person 2...
*Person 1 (the person who is blocking Person 2)
*Person 2 (the person who is being blocked by Person 1)

Things That Change

  • Person 1 can no longer see any chat messages that Person 2 says.
  • If Person 2 sends a game request, it will automatically say: "Person 1 can't play right now."
  • If Person 2 sends a Jam-A-Gram, Person 1 will not see it.
Things That Stay The Same
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still see one another (unless one of them switches rooms or changes servers, of course).
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still travel to each other (if they are buddies).
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still send each other buddy requests.
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still tell if the other one is online.
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still look at each other's trade lists (if they are both online).
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still report one another.
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still visit each other's dens.
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can still check each other's pets, animals, and achievements tabs.
2 Person Block
Let's say Person 1 blocks Person 2, and Person 2 blocks Person 1...
*Person 1 (the person who is blocking Person 2 and being blocked by Person 2)
*Person 2 (the person who is blocking Person 1 and being blocked by Person 1)

Things That Change
  • Person 1 and Person 2 can no longer see each other's chat messages.
  • If Person 1 sends a game request to Person 2, it will automatically say: "Person 2 can't play right now." And if Person 2 sends a game request to Person 1, it will automatically say: "Person 1 can't play right now."
  • If either person sends a Jam-A-Gram the other will not receive it.
Things That Stay The Same
Same as 1 Person Block

Animal Jam Beta

Beta was the early testing period of Animal Jam. It was a lot different than what Animal Jam is today. During Animal Jam Beta there was no such thing as "members". Everyone had access to every single item and feature. Also, items were way cheaper during Beta than they are today. During Animal Jam Beta, only six animals were available. These animals were the wolf, rabbit, koala, panda, tiger, and monkey. In early September, memberships were introduced to the world of Jamaa, scarring it for life. Memberships created a barrier between the citizens of Jamaa, dividing them into two separate classes (like segregation): members and non-members.

*Still under construction*

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal Jam Achievement List Mess-Ups

Currently Animal Jam has listed a total of 171 possible achievements that Jammers can earn. The current list of achievements and how to earn them is located at this link: Animal Jam Achievements

On the old Animal Jam Achievement list there were a total of 162 achievements possible. Then Animal Jam added the following two games:
  • Touch Pool (5 achievements possible)
  • Disc Toss (5 achievements possible)
This means that Animal Jam should currently have listed a total of 172 possible achievements that Jammers can earn, but INSTEAD they have listed 171.

Because 162 + 10 = 172.

And I found the missing achievement that Animal Jam forgot to add to their current list. It is the achievement called "100 Gifts Sent!" and the description of how to earn it was: "Gift 100 items".

On the new achievement list Animal Jam has also glitched up the "Jam-A-Grams" achievement category. First of all, as I mentioned above, there SHOULD be 6 achievements listed here but there are only 5. This is because Animal Jam forgot to add the "100 Gifts Sent!" achievement. And their descriptions on how to earn "10 Gifts Sent!", "25 Gifts Sent!", and "50 Gifts Sent!" are all: "send one gifts" which are obviously mistakes by Animal Jam.

Another case solved by Sheesh4!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lineyluv's Animal Jam Blog

Hello everyone!

My friend Lineyluv who always comments on my blog has created her own blog called Animal Jam Jungle! It only has one post so far but that's because it's brand new! Liney is not a member on Animal Jam even though she would like to be and unfortunately she does not have free chat at the moment but she will soon. Her username on Animal Jam is lineyluv and she doesn't have a lot of buddies and is more than happy to accept friend requests.

If you can, please check out her blog and leave a kind comment or two! :)

Congratulations on creating your first blog Liney! Good luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monkey Updates

Now if you try to buy a monkey it won't let you... All that shows up is a black silhouette of a monkey and there is no price tag with the amount of gems it costs to buy.

But now monkeys recycle for 500 gems, instead of the 250 gems they recycled for before the update...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Original Phantom Poem

Heyo guys!

I made this poem a long time ago (during October) and I’ve been adding bits and pieces and editing things. I finally came up with a version that I am very proud of. I really hope you like it! And please don’t copy it and claim it as your own writing because I am the one who wrote it and I don’t want it plagiarized. You’re more than welcome to post it on your site AS LONG as you give me visible credit, preferably at the top of your post or for your title.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with your feedback or even write your own phantom poems and leave them in the comments!
We are the phantoms, masters of discord
The giant phantom is our lord
The Day of the Phantoms is dedicated to us
A time for chaos, horror and distress

So beware, beware, animals of all kinds
For we will possess your minds
Our ghostly bodice, our eye of steel
If you think we have a heart, GET REAL

Our mere presence will curdle cream
We work together as a team
To destroy each and every one of you
So we can make you into a Jamaa stew

Mira, your founder, created us
Not on purpose, perhaps, but here we are nonetheless
Indeed, we’re alive and well, and plotting your demise
You may want to consider saying your final goodbyes

We will crush you all like bugs
And devour you like grubs
One by one, you all will fall
There is no one to help you, no one at all

Zios was the first, Mira will be next
And then, my friend, it’s you we’ll hex
For we are the phantoms, formed from tears
We are the source of all your fears

Sunday, April 8, 2012

To-do List

Make an "About Beta" page
Finish "Be A Jammer, Not A Scammer" page

Some information for Animal Jam beta:
At the beginning of the summer, National Geographic Animal Jam went into its Open Beta phase, where they invited kids from all over to take a sneak peek at Animal Jam and let them know what they thought. The response was tremendous, with tens of thousands of new players signing up weekly! Over the summer, they were able to get a better idea of exactly what kids loved in Jamaa. When the sneak peek ended and Animal Jam officially went online, they gave all their beta players a free month of Animal Jam Club Membership, so they could see their suggestions first-hand. Two years in the making, National Geographic Animal Jam represents an ongoing creative collaboration between the talents of National Geographic and gaming gurus at Smart Bomb Interactive.

Silverstein Is A Scammer

Hello Jammers,

This is the first time that I have posted about a scammer on my blog because I don't really like to because I don't want to start up drama or get involved, but I have been hearing from multiple sources that Silverstein is a scammer. She has attempted to scam or HAS scammed many of my friends as well as people I don't know. I was in Jamaa just now and someone was saying Silverstein had tried to scam her by saying "My mom doesn't let me get clothes before trying them on," which is such a fail attempt to scam it's pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Luckily, the Jammer she tried to scam was a smart one. Silver has scammed many Jammers as I said, and I normally wouldn't post about scammers but I'm fed up with this one. Not only does she scam she is a liar. She lies and says she doesn't scam, but there are so many people who say she has tried to scam them or has that her lies mean nothing.

Oh, and if you're here to "object" that she is not a scammer give it a rest. I know what I have seen so many times - people accusing Silverstein of being a scammer. And that's NOT a coincidence.
Okay, I have freaking had it with this stupid scammer... She claims she doesn't scam. She denies it. She says she scammed in the past. But what do you know, I keep hearing about it. She scammed so many of my friends.

Four days ago she scammed Snoopy123456. She scammed her Founder's Hat. She scammed her by saying: "Let me try it on. My Mom says I have to." Freaking Silver says this to every single person she scams and I have freaking witnessed it. (Sorry for all the "freakings".)
She also scammed Madeleine1431. She scammed her non-member glove which was a color that not many people had. (It doesn't matter what the heck you scam. Rareness plays only a small role in how much scamming hurts people. The fact that someone would be so low and mean and cruel to scam at all, even a common necklace that costs 45 gems, is just sad. It hurts.) She also scammed Madeleine's real-life little sister. She scammed her worn.
This freaking witch needs to freaking stop. She is ruining Jamaa for everyone. Please help by reporting her. 

Gumball Machine Change

The gumball machine has been fixed and gumballs now come out of it like before. Hooray! :3

Apparently Animal Jam changed the Gumball Machines so now gumballs don't roll out if you click them. This sucks. I really liked that feature. :( Other than that, nothing new. It's basically an observing day because after Animal Jam updates there's another 14 days of nothingness...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gold Discs In Disc Toss

Heyo Jammers!

I've just discovered on my own while playing Disc Toss with my dog that gold discs will come every 25 discs. For example at 25 discs a gold disc will come flying. Also at 50, 75, 100, etc;.

Jam on!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Emeson's Animal Jam Blog

Hello everyone,

Emeson has an Animal Jam blog called Emeson's AJ Blog. If you have the time please check it out and leave a kind comment or two. :) Thanks in advance Jammers! I'm sure Emeson really appreciates it!