Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal Jam Achievement List Mess-Ups

Currently Animal Jam has listed a total of 171 possible achievements that Jammers can earn. The current list of achievements and how to earn them is located at this link: Animal Jam Achievements

On the old Animal Jam Achievement list there were a total of 162 achievements possible. Then Animal Jam added the following two games:
  • Touch Pool (5 achievements possible)
  • Disc Toss (5 achievements possible)
This means that Animal Jam should currently have listed a total of 172 possible achievements that Jammers can earn, but INSTEAD they have listed 171.

Because 162 + 10 = 172.

And I found the missing achievement that Animal Jam forgot to add to their current list. It is the achievement called "100 Gifts Sent!" and the description of how to earn it was: "Gift 100 items".

On the new achievement list Animal Jam has also glitched up the "Jam-A-Grams" achievement category. First of all, as I mentioned above, there SHOULD be 6 achievements listed here but there are only 5. This is because Animal Jam forgot to add the "100 Gifts Sent!" achievement. And their descriptions on how to earn "10 Gifts Sent!", "25 Gifts Sent!", and "50 Gifts Sent!" are all: "send one gifts" which are obviously mistakes by Animal Jam.

Another case solved by Sheesh4!


  1. I only have 112 achievements. @.@

  2. wow really that is so wierd how can aj mess that up ?

    i mean it is their site

  3. Kk sorry this isnt really ON topic, did you get your links to be colorful? Like when i click on a link, (like if i click 'geckoguy') it's color changing! I wonder how you did that? if you would, please answer.

    (I have a blog but im not signed in :P)

  4. @Anonymous
    I think this is how:

  5. OMG! Thanks so much! I've been looking for a list of achievements. I even asked animal jam support for one! And here it is! And i found it on my favorite blog too ^.^


    1. xD. You're welcome. I actually have them all on my list including the ones that Animal Jam doesn't include such as the 4 other Buddy Games achievements. And I know they exist since I (and other Jammers) earned them. :P And I spell checked them all and made sure that their names were correct by seeing what their names are after I earned them (by scrolling over them).

  6. i got 114 too!!!

  7. Kitty97380{MythicalBerrySpirit} @LightningClawMarch 23, 2013 at 1:52 PM

    I have 101 achievements. Can you please help me get more?

    My name is Kitty97380.

  8. I don't have much. Can you help me please Sheesh4? Add me: Bellea246

  9. i have 85 achievements :(