Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angry At Trade Declines

Oh my god! An angry koala! Why is she angry, you ask? Someone just declined her horrible trade! Why/how could someone do that? It's cruel and mean and whoever declines her trades is horrible!

This koala is also one of the most hated animals in Jamaa! Want to know why? Because whenever people decline her trades, even when they apologize for declining them, she goes over and gives them angry faces. Overtime, it just gets annoying. It shows that someone isn't able to accept that they don't always get every freaking thing they want. They aren't royalty. If they are going to trade they should expect yes or no. People are allowed to say no. It's not against the rules. In fact, being able to say no, even under pressure, is an important trait that not everyone has. Some people just are too nice, or so shy that they say yes to everything, even if they want to say no.

So if someone gives you a mad face when you decline their trade? Ignore them! Don't give them the satisfaction! They are just little brats that want everything no matter what! ;)


  1. Okay... Um I agree with you, except for the fact that you seem a bit too angry... I guess I usually hide my anger, except for small "escape" moments... Okay do you think that it is reporting material when someone gives you a mad face for declining trades? I think it might be bullying, or being rude. So when I see this, should I report?

  2. @Anonymous
    I said that you should ignore them. ;) And yes, I am pissed. But only because it KEEPS happening.

  3. I have to decline literally 95% of all trades. And then all these brand new people with 45 gem necklaces come up to me and say "what for beard?" It's really annoying. And then a lot of them are like "except this trade or I will report you!" You can guesse what happens after they report me. AJHQ mods will review the last couple minutes. O: He declined this persons trade! How could he do that? Ban him forever! NOT REALLY! If anything they will ban that person for spamming AJHQ.

    Sorry for the long comment. It's just you never get good trades unless you're in a trading party with lots of "rare" people. Grrrr...

  4. @Geckoguy
    Yeah, that happened to me ALL the time, until I got smart with trading... I'm gonna write a post about it so you can see it.

  5. that never happened to me but i will keep a good look out now

  6. i think so to! today supercow1 traded me something in stores (sorry i forgot) for my headdress. then they went on with that same thing on my yellow rare spike collar! then he did the angry face and called me a noob. reasons i am not a noob:

    1. i am NOT new. infact i have been on for over 8 months!!!
    2. i am sometimes (but usaully NOT) annoying.
    3. i might be a oldb. an oldb is a made up word i just came up with.

    what is an oldb? THE OPPOSITE OF A NOOB OR A NEWB :D

  7. this happens all the time to me =:(

  8. I thought that was you at first 0-0


  9. LOL. That is me. I'm role-playing for the picture. :P

  10. Lol, the way you said that made it sound funny. Believe it or not this actually made me laugh. LOL.