Friday, April 13, 2012

Lineyluv's Animal Jam Blog

Hello everyone!

My friend Lineyluv who always comments on my blog has created her own blog called Animal Jam Jungle! It only has one post so far but that's because it's brand new! Liney is not a member on Animal Jam even though she would like to be and unfortunately she does not have free chat at the moment but she will soon. Her username on Animal Jam is lineyluv and she doesn't have a lot of buddies and is more than happy to accept friend requests.

If you can, please check out her blog and leave a kind comment or two! :)

Congratulations on creating your first blog Liney! Good luck!


  1. Thank you so much Sheesh!!! I'll create more posts later… I've got to eat dinner soon. How do you get the bar with those posts like My Animals and Ask Sheesh4 up there at the top?

  2. They are called "Pages". Go to "Design", "Posting", "Edit Pages", "New Page". To make it so people can comment on your pages click "Edit", "Post Options" and under "Reader Comments" select "Allow".

  3. I changed my blog a little... can you check it again and give me your thoughts? BTW nice blog, lineyluv. :D
    ~The Gecko

  4. Thx Geckoguy! Or should I say The Gecko? O.o

  5. i saw your blog liney it is great

    and the gecko wht is your blog called

  6. @madler
    Geckoguy's blog is called "Animal Jam Explorers"! Here is the link:

  7. thx for telling me sheesh4
    oh ya i am starting a blog i will get back to you when i am done it