Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Original Phantom Poem

Heyo guys!

I made this poem a long time ago (during October) and I’ve been adding bits and pieces and editing things. I finally came up with a version that I am very proud of. I really hope you like it! And please don’t copy it and claim it as your own writing because I am the one who wrote it and I don’t want it plagiarized. You’re more than welcome to post it on your site AS LONG as you give me visible credit, preferably at the top of your post or for your title.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with your feedback or even write your own phantom poems and leave them in the comments!
We are the phantoms, masters of discord
The giant phantom is our lord
The Day of the Phantoms is dedicated to us
A time for chaos, horror and distress

So beware, beware, animals of all kinds
For we will possess your minds
Our ghostly bodice, our eye of steel
If you think we have a heart, GET REAL

Our mere presence will curdle cream
We work together as a team
To destroy each and every one of you
So we can make you into a Jamaa stew

Mira, your founder, created us
Not on purpose, perhaps, but here we are nonetheless
Indeed, we’re alive and well, and plotting your demise
You may want to consider saying your final goodbyes

We will crush you all like bugs
And devour you like grubs
One by one, you all will fall
There is no one to help you, no one at all

Zios was the first, Mira will be next
And then, my friend, it’s you we’ll hex
For we are the phantoms, formed from tears
We are the source of all your fears


  1. Awesome poem! I could can tell you put a lot of work into it. Great job! It took you time and effort. By the way, have you read my story Blog? If your a big reader, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

  2. Amazing. Amazing. Oh, did I forget to say amazing? I do say, though, some of the sentences didn't rhyme, were those intentional? I love the last one, oh, how I could mold it...


    Your family was first,
    Chardonnay, will be next
    And then, petty Gillian,
    It's you I'll hex
    Regardless of your burdened crime
    The tears will stain you for eternal time
    Blood you bore shall be kept in your soul
    Or you shall watch your life be ripped from whole
    To destroy your pleasures, your joy, your hope
    To force you, alone to grope
    In the depths of the caves of the dead
    For I am the one who wants your head
    For I am the shadow, formed from the darkness of forlorn years
    Am the source of
    All your fears.

    Okay, that one got way off hand... o3o
    Back to saying how awesome yours was.


  3. That's great! By the way, why don't you post new items on this blog like everyone else?

  4. @geckoguy
    Nope I don't post items. LOL. I let the other blogs take care of that. My blog is original. I only post small things I notice that no one else notices. Little spelling errors, glitches that Animal Jam fixes, tiny little interesting things. Yeah. LOL.

  5. Yeah, its important to be unique when there are so many AJ blogs. The only thing is that it makes the blog relatively innactive, which can effect traffic. You still seem to have a lot of hits though!

  6. Oh yeah- I didn't debuddy you. My account glitches up since I get so much mail and buddy requests. Do you have enough slots to re-buddy me?

  7. Nice! I will post it on my blog, giving you FULL CREDIT, don't worry!

  8. wow i love the poem and i am going to show all my friends this blog it is awesome

  9. Jazzy, I'm reading your story blog! Just finished pg 20

  10. Okay, If my parents let me make a blog this summer can I use that on my blog for Day of the Phantoms? I'll give you full credit!!!

  11. poem no1.animal jam is fun animal jam is great
    phantoms should be locked up in a crate

  12. poem no2.
    wicked heartless phantoms ruining jamaa until ... alphas jump in!!

  13. poem no3. tanka poem ( i did these at school )

    horrible phantoms

    attempting ruining jamaa

    the alphas help us

  14. Poop animal jam is awesome

  15. my username is iliovecookie5647