Sunday, April 8, 2012

To-do List

Make an "About Beta" page
Finish "Be A Jammer, Not A Scammer" page

Some information for Animal Jam beta:
At the beginning of the summer, National Geographic Animal Jam went into its Open Beta phase, where they invited kids from all over to take a sneak peek at Animal Jam and let them know what they thought. The response was tremendous, with tens of thousands of new players signing up weekly! Over the summer, they were able to get a better idea of exactly what kids loved in Jamaa. When the sneak peek ended and Animal Jam officially went online, they gave all their beta players a free month of Animal Jam Club Membership, so they could see their suggestions first-hand. Two years in the making, National Geographic Animal Jam represents an ongoing creative collaboration between the talents of National Geographic and gaming gurus at Smart Bomb Interactive.


  1. Are you a Beta? I am. I love this blog theme- so... well... um... phantomy! XD

  2. No I am not a beta. D: I wish I was! I joined Animal Jam on July 29, 2011. But I do lots of background searching for beta pictures, videos, information, archives, and unseen things so I can post about them!
    Thank you! I like the background, too! Are you a beta?

  3. i joined November 29, 2010 i didnt mean to say i was beta i started right after beta

  4. you are a pretty good web designer... u should design a custo header to show it!

  5. my favorite thing i did in HTML on my blog is make the post border 12px

  6. LOL I've tried making custom headers but they never seem to turn out the way I want them to. You are so much better at making them! Your header is EPIC and BEAST.

  7. My header isnt that good... check out Slidoo's sister's blog. It is Animal Jam Rush. That site has the BEST header I have ever seen. Now of coarse Slidoo helped her w/ it...

  8. I just noticed the new header! Its GREAT! O:

  9. Thanks! I wouldn't even have it if it weren't for you!

  10. wow you know wht i am a beta but i don't play on that account any more
    it was fun
    beta user:gummykit

    if you want add me

    1. why dont you play anymore?