Thursday, April 26, 2012

Type Your Own Jam-A-Gram Character Limit

Animal Jam added a character limit for when you type your own Jam-A-Gram. You can type up to 70 characters. Characters are letters or numbers.


  1. Hey this is myagirl (ANIMAL NAME:DARLING CLEVERCLAWS)thank you for posting up a jam-a-gram page for me!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. i hope animal jam can make the limit higher to be able to let us use more then 70

  3. I am wondering how to type your own animal name in animal jam, but all the questions I search about it online has different answers that don't help. is there anybody who can answer this question for me? if so, please reply.

    1. this is me, the same jammer that wrote the one above,and if your nice enough please send me a member account in a jamagram my animal jam username is: wild53997 so please do. I really want one and I am very nice I don't hack I PROMISE.

  4. oh by the way sorry guys its me again, and I might not remember this website and come back to see everybodys comments. so if you have an account then please jamagram me.