Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sky High Rules Glitch

Heyo Jammers,

Found another mess-up. If you try to click on the Sky High rules it won't do anything! I tried the one in the Sol Arcade as well and it won't work either! >.<
I tried both Firefox and Google Chrome and regardless of which browser I used it still wouldn't let me! I reloaded, it still wouldn't let me. :P LOL. Seems that Princess Yellowmountain has been hard at work rigging the games all around Jamaa! Darn her! :3 For those of you who don't know who Princess  Yellowmountain is, she is a mischievous female (duh, she's a Princess :P) panda who likes to mess up games around Jamaa and apparently does not even know how to spell her own name because she spells it like this: Princesses Yellowmountain. Check out a story my two good friends oranoo and Quavine wrote about Princess Yellowmountain and her sister Princess Orangemountain at this link:


  1. I couldn't do it on Safari either!

    ~sjamj on aj

  2. i never saw her glktch like that but only i saw princess orange mountain glitch like the everywhere skyway i love that glitch but i hate it when i change animals i saw princess orange mountain and don't let me x it out! and the everywhere den skyway glitch im the only first jammer to know that im not a braging kind but i think i am doing it sorry!

  3. Wow really wierd!

  4. Replies
    1. because i know - jump on the clouds to get higher and higher reach the top to find a magical treasure box which gives you a fantastic prize!

    2. It works because it was fixed. When I post stuff this far back usually it's been fixed.