Friday, June 22, 2012

Animal Jam Minigame Guides/Tutorials/Videos

Aloha everyone!

I think that I am going to start making Animal Jam guides/videos for all of the minigames around Jamaa! Does that sound like a good idea? I will provide help and walkthroughs to get through the game and get the achievements! What game should I start with first? Please leave a comment with your ideas and feedback!

Edit: Looks like I'm getting lots of positive feedback. I'll try to start this project sometime this week!


  1. @Sheesh4

    Great idea! Probably because of all the games of Gem Breaker I made you play. XD So, I think gem breaker, should be first maybe. :P I don't really mind, either that, or Disk Toss. ^.^

    ~Agent 9 aka Goofy8966

  2. That sounds awesome!
    P.S. Have you heard the story behind Cami's Frog? It's really cool. Just Google 'animal jam cami's frog' or if you want to spicifically see Snowyclaw's post, search 'animal jam spirit cami's frog' Wow, this P.S. is longer than the actual comment!

  3. That sounds like a great idea! I think you should start with Spider Zapper, since it was one of the first games in Jamma.

  4. Sounds like a great idea Sheesh! By the way as you can see I'm not posting as "Anonymous",I made a blog! I would love you to check it out. I'll tell you the address: and for anybody else, Please take a look!

  5. I think Best Dressed would be cool because you could tell a bunch of the themes, and how to win first place or something? Late comment XD