Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gem Breaker Achievements

Gem Breaker (6)
          Breaker! - play Gem Breaker 10 times
          Buster! - play Gem Breaker 20 times
          Crasher! - play Gem Breaker 35 times
          Smasher! - play Gem Breaker 50 times
          Gem Guru! - win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker (I had a glitch where I had to win way more than 10 multiplayer games to get this achievement. So if you aren't getting this achievement and you know you've won more than 10 multiplayer games, don't worry. Just keep winning multiplayer games and I promise you will get it eventually.)
          Gem Ace! - complete level 20 of Gem Breaker (Remember, you can play it on any level: easy, medium, or hard. I obviously recommend easy.)


  1. is there a way to win EVERY time?

    1. Well, it depends on your skill and strategy.

    2. the only way to win every time is hacking, or what she said. i recommend sheesh's idea so they wont bann you

    3. My friends and me love to play gem breaker together. I will tell her to try to lose 10 times she will do it then i will lose 10 times for her to make it fair


  2. if u want to know a tic-tac-toe cheat to win ( most of the time) here it is
    put ur x's or o's in all four corners ( at least try to )then since u have multiple ways of winning fill in one of the middle spaces and wala! uve won! Hope it helped u!