Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Ideas Icon At Summer Carnival & Many Glitches Gone

Hello Jammers!
I must say I am really pleased with this update! Animal Jam got rid of all of the glitches! :D

Okay, so first things first, Animal Jam added a new ideas icon at the Summer Carnival - ya know the purple question mark where you can send ideas and suggestions to Animal Jam.

Animal Jam fixed the trade list glitch where if you added an item to your trade list it wouldn't disappear from your inventory when you went to add more items to your trade list and you could fill up your whole list with that same item except everybody else would only see one item. Very annoying glitch but thankfully Animal Jam fixed it!

They also fixed the glitch in Jamaa Township where there were two Jam Mart Furnitures.
CLICK HERE FOR MY POST ON THIS. (I was one of the first to discover this glitch.)

Also, you can now click the Sky High rules! There was a glitch before where if you clicked the rules nothing happened! (The rules didn't pop up.) But it's fixed now! :D


  1. I love the carnival<3. Please friend me I am NyanDolphin

  2. Interesting. I don't pay much to these things, for I never click on rules...therefore I usually mess up when I'm playing a new game :D