Monday, July 23, 2012

My Newest Phantom Ball Record

Hey all! I just hit my newest ticket record playing Phantom Ball (actually, all of my ticket records have been playing that game :P). I got 650 tickets! Man, that's a lot. I've never gotten that many!

What are your game records (be they at the Summer Carnival or just around Jamaa)?!

My previous Phantom Ball post:

Delay On Jamaa Journal & Small Updates On My Life

Hey guys!

Sorry about the delay in updating the Newspaper Archive and posting the newest Jamaa Journal! I guess I've been procrastinating. I certainly didn't forget, I just never got around to it because I've been busy with other things.

I've also been sick for more than a week - nothing major. Just a bad cough, dizziness, dry eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, and sharp pains in my head. Luckily I'm feeling much better.

But I just wanted to thank all my loyal commenters for sticking with me even though I don't post that much in general. :)

I love you all! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

All About Hacking

Basically, if you're not one of those people who is extremely skilled in things such as coding and website design and other stuff like that, the only way you can hack someone is if they give out their password or if their password is an extremely common and easy-to-guess password. Those are the only ways that you can be hacked unless someone who actually knows how to hack hacked you. So to all those folks who are claiming that they were hacked: Nice try but you're not getting any sympathy from me (unless you had an easy-to-guess password) because guess what? It's your fault you were hacked. Regardless of whether you deny giving out your password to someone I know you did. And I'm sorry if you didn't and you just had an easy-to-guess password, but that's still your fault. So there you have it, those are the only ways to be hacked. There's basically a one-in-a-millionth chance you were actually hacked.

How To Avoid Being Hacked
  • The first and most important/obvious key to not getting hacked is to NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE. And when I say anyone I mean it! Even your best friend. Unless you want to risk the possibility (which will always be there no matter what) that your friend (or anyone else you gave your password to) is going to hack you, don't give it out!
  • Remember to sign out of your Animal Jam account if you're playing on a computer other than your own (such as the computer at the library, a friend's computer, a parent's, etc;.). And if your own computer is also used by someone else (like your sister) use caution when remaining signed in to sites or allowing the computer to remember passwords.

All About Scamming

Well, first off you need common sense. None of this is going to help if you don't have a brain that works and can't tell if something is a little fishy. But the bottom line to avoid being scammed is pretty self-explanatory: Always use the trade system NO MATTER WHAT. Then again, scammers have developed other ways to trick people out of their rares even if they are using the trading system which is why common sense is the key to keeping your items safe. There IS such a thing as too much trust even with your close friends and unless you are POSITIVE that you can trust your friend (you have known them a long time and you exchange items often and they always return them when you ask) then don't let your friends wear your items unless you want to face the risk of possible scamming. I've had friends who wanted to try on my rare items to see what they would look like on their animal and although I wanted to trust them I could NOT take that risk as my trust was forever broken the first time I got scammed by someone. After your first scamming experience your trust level will NEVER be the same again. I even offered to dress up exactly like them and wear the item so they could see what it would like on them but they didn't want that which just proves that they were trying to scam me. Either way, even if it's a really close friend, never send or trade your items to them if you would mind losing them if your friend stabbed you in the back and ran away with them. Also, always make GOOD trades. Don't do a bad trade because someone promises you a GOOD trade after you make the bad trade. They are almost positively lying and will disappear with your item and not keep up their end of the bargain.

My friend Campbellisgood recently was scammed by a person named hihihihi12123. Hihihihi12123 has scammed MANY of my friends. He scammed my friend Campbellisgood's scary bat wings. Here is how:

Camp was in hihihihi12123's den. There was one other person in hihihihi12123's den as well. It was hihihihi12123's other storage account but Camp did not know this. Hihihihi12123 said to his storage account that he would trade 3 scary bat wings and a top hat for the storage account's blue fox hat. Camp traded her scary bat wings to the storage account for the blue fox hat but before she could trade hihihihi12123 the blue fox hat for the 3 pairs of scary bat wings and the top hat both hihihihi12123 and the storage account disappeared. This is a really clever and horrible way to scam people and as you can see no one could really have guessed that this would have happened because it was obviously well-thought out. Scammers are despicable but they unfortunately DO have brains and even common sense might not have gotten Camp out of this situation.

Who Has Scammed Me
I have been scammed a total of 2 times. Unlike most people, when I first joined Animal Jam on Friday, July 29, 2011, I knew all about scamming and how people do it.

Scam #1 - The Turkey Hat Tyrant
I really wanted a turkey hat and I came upon a person named cmk745 in Jamaa Township. They had turkey hats and I asked what for one. Cmk745 was a member at the time and I was a non-member. So cmk745 said that he wanted my fruit bowl. He told me to come to the Chamber of Knowledge. So we met at the Chamber of Knowledge and went up on that ladder near the door. He asked me to send my fruit bowl and right away I could tell he was a scammer. I was like: "No way! You're trying to scam me!" And I left. Then I decided that I really wanted that turkey hat and I was willing to take the risks so I went back to Jamaa Township and cmk745 was there. I said that I changed my mind and was willing to send my fruit bowl so we went to his den and I sent it. And then I asked how was he going to give me the turkey hat since I'm not a member and can't open gifts. He said: "I don't know," and then he left his den... Then I went to Jamaa Township. I had his player card open the whole time I was in his den just to make sure I would have his name if he scammed me. But after he did end up scamming me, I went to Jamaa and everywhere else and looked all over for him and yelled and screamed and made a fuss and told everyone what happened. I was so devastated. I told everyone he scammed my fruit bowl, but unfortunately I didn't have his name anymore since I left his den. I told people and asked if someone could please come to my den so I could tell them my story. I just needed someone to talk to so I could let it all out. A bunny named UnicornHeart202 came to my den. I told her everything. And we're best friends to this day. :) One good thing came out of that scam. I made a life-long friend.

Scam #2 - The Cunning Conspiracy
My friend UnicornHeart202 had recently gotten a free pink leaf necklace. She had gone to a den because someone was saying they were giving away free rares. Now usually when people say this they are lying and scamming people but Uni had really gotten a leaf necklace. I had always wanted a leaf necklace so I was keeping my eyes out for people who were saying they were giving away free items, hoping that I'd be lucky enough to find a person who was actually telling the truth. One day in Jamaa Township there was a wolf named Majesticdragon. She was saying: "Come to my den for free rares" and I was like: Cool! I'll go just to see if she's telling the truth". So I went to her den. There were lots of people there. Majesticdragon came and she picked a person named nesbet, who was actually her scamming partner, to go first. She asked them what they wanted and they said they wanted Halloween balloons (when they were still rare). She said: "Okay, send me your flag." And I was like: "Definite scam." People started shouting to the person: "Don't! It's a scam!" But the person sent it, and we were all like: "Did you get it?!" And Majestic was smart. She edited her den and took the balloons out of her den to make it look like she had sent them. And I was dumbfounded because I thought she had actually sent them. So I was next and she asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted her pink leaf. And she said: "Sure. Just send me your pink heart balloon." Normally I would never have done this but she and nesbet had faked/conspired together and she had earned my trust because I didn't know that they were actually working together to scam people. So I sent my balloon. And I said: "I sent it!" And she said: "I didn't get it." And I said: "Well I sent it! Look through your letters again!" And she said: "It's not there. Maybe you accidentally clicked someone else's profile and sent it to them" (because there happened to be many people in her den). I was like: "I was almost positive I had seen her name and her profile and had sent it to her." Then she was like: "There's been a problem with sending Jam-A-Grams and gifts these past few days. A glitch." And I was like: "Oh." So then I asked: "Can I try again? I really want that pink leaf. But can you send first because of what happened before when I sent the letter?" Then all of the people conspiring with her on the scam started accusing ME of trying to scam HER and I was like: "No! I'm not trying to scam. But last time I sent the Jam-A-Gram, she didn't get the item I sent her, so I lost my balloon!" But they persisted and continued accusing me and finally I said: "Fine, I'll send." She said: "Sure. Send me your pink mech angel helmet!" And I was like: "Okay." Then she said that she had gotten the mech and had sent me the pink leaf in a Jam-A-Gram, but I hadn't gotten it. The leaf was off of her trade list though. I asked if someone had gotten my pink leaf and an unrare non-member seal spoke up and said she had. And I couldn't get it back since she was non-member. (Turns out that seal was in on the scamming, too. She hadn't actually gotten my pink leaf, but how could I have known?) So then I started yelling at Majesticdragon for scamming me. She just ignored me. I left her den, crying in real life. I kept checking back on Majestic's den and guess what... The Halloween balloons she had sent to her friend, nesbet, were back in her den! Which meant she hadn't traded them to nesbet, but nesbet had pretended she had. Either that, or nesbet already owned Halloween balloons and pretended that his balloons were the ones Majestic sent him. Not only were those Halloween ballons back in her den, a pink leaf was on her trade list! I asked her how and she said that she had two leafs so when she supposedly "SENT" me one of them, she still had one left... LIES.

The next day I found her in Appondale and started yelling at her. Her friend Pinksnow-something (can't remember her full name) had a pink mech (MY PINK MECH). I yelled at Majestic to give me back my items and she was like: "Sorry. I sent the mech to Pinksnow" (she basically openly admitting to scamming me in that sentence). And I started yelling at Pinksnow. Turns out Pinksnow and Majestic are best friends in real life and I was yelling at Pinksnow, "how could she be friends with someone who did this?!" They both started laughing at me. And nesbet was there, too, and was wearing my pink heart balloon! So basically, Majestic scammed my items and then gave them to her friends. I wouldn't leave Majestic alone. I kept yelling at her telling her to give me back my items. Then she started saying mean things about me. She said the f-word (in the form of "trucking") and she called me a baby koala and other bad, mean words. She said she bet she was older than me (which was actually wrong) and then she disappeared.

8 months later...

Yesterday, Majestic sent me a letter asking to be friends. She said she was in my den. I went to my den and she said that she had said sorry. I said she hadn't said sorry and I was so angry at her and told her she had scammed me and I would never forget it. She asked me what she scammed and then she said: "Come to my den. I'll let you pick something out." I asked if I could have the sweet walls and she sent them to me. Now we are friends. She really has changed and I'm so glad. :)
I am really lucky because honestly, most scammers wouldn't apologize and make up for what they did like Majestic.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Falling Phantoms Achievement Name Glitch

Okay, first of all hey guys! Sorry for not replying to all of your comments or making new posts or updating the blog but on Sunday the 8th I departed for an overnight math and science camp. I just got back (today, the 14th). Heh heh. I'm sooooo glad to be back on my computer/the Internet. It's really torture because sadly my life revolves around the computer/Internet. D:

I have a possible naming glitch that I found but I'll get all the facts and stuff before I tell you guys. ;) I'll make a page about hacking soon, too. Not how to hack but about it. :P

By the way I'm so sorry that Ask Sheesh4 was closed! I forgot to allow comments again when I deleted the page. :P But I've fixed it so comment away! :) Thanks for all your patience guys!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you all have an amazing day! What are you guys doing? I'm having a barbecue with my family! Are any of you guys watching fireworks on television/going to see them in real life? I am not going to see fireworks because I am really scared of loud noises. Anyways, leave a comment if you want!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Funny Animal Jam Pictures Mini Production

Hey guys! There is a new mini production up on the Funny Animal Jam Pictures page! Check it out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

T-Shirts Sale Over

Heya Jammers,

The T-Shirt sale in Jamaa Outfitters is now over and all shirts are back to their regular price ($19.99). Unfortunately the only shirt available is the Playful Panda Tee (the other shirts went out of stock about a month ago). I don't like that shirt. I like the Spooky Phantoms Tee. I wanted to get it, but I never got around to it. I hope Animal Jam makes more because I do want to buy one although they are extremely expensive... I mean, seriously?! $19.99 for ONE T-Shirt. It's a rip-off. LOL. Do any of you own T-Shirts?
Click the image for a larger version (original size).