Friday, August 31, 2012

First Comment! Comments...


Whoever is doing them is ticking me off. They are not adding anything intelligent to the post. And they're pretty much spam and very annoying to me. Please stop. I wouldn't mind you saying "First comment!" if you added something else that actually had to do with the post. But STOP posting "First comment!" comments on all my posts just for the heck of it.

Edit: Wow. You're so pathetic. Did you seriously just comment with "FIRST COMMENT" on my post? You're sad. Go away. Get lost. Don't visit my blog. It's only for nice, intelligent people.


  1. yeah thts kinda not very funny or anything. i agree with you sheesh. It gets so annying i mean who cares if they are the first comment!!!!!!!???

    1. Not a big deal if your first, to comment, I agree with you!

    2. ikr?!?!?
      p.s. AGGGGG!!! havent been doing the 'one comment for every post' thing, so i wont. but i will try to post more comments here!

  2. Man.. I agree. I have had that a few times and I just got so sick of it I had deleted them so I don't have to dare look at them. BTW this is Pep.. I am just not logged in.

  3. Ugh, I get these on my blog too. They're SO annoying and drive me crazy. They really tick me off -.-

  4. i just like comments, i don't care what people say, i am a new blogger. i bet later i will be sick o it :3
    here is my blog:
    thanks or visiting!