Monday, August 20, 2012

Haven't Been Posting

Hey guys!

First of all thanks to all of my loyal fans and followers who continue to visit this blog even though I don't post very often and most of the posts I make are just pictures of the newest Jamaa Journal. I hope you understand. I guess I may be getting a bit lazy about my blogging. You know, in the beginning it was so fun and I got up at 3:00 AM to post. LOL. But now, it's more casual. I'm not posting updates anymore -- mostly observations I've made about things that have changed in Jamaa from a fact bubble disappearing to the change in position of an object. I hope you still like my blog even though I'm not as enthusiastic about posting. I love my fans and I try to comment as much as possible. I just wanted to let you all know that.

I'll try to post a bit more but with school coming up and my being in tons of honors classes I might be posting less. But I'll still try to get the newest Jamaa Journal up every other Thursday and maybe post some other stuff.

I love you all! Jam on and keep reading! :) If you any suggestions I love to hear them. And I even take some of them into consideration. :)

Oh, I also updated my All About Me page with all of my favorite movies, and my favorite books and series. Check it out if you're interested and feel free to comment.


  1. That's totally fine! I know I haven't been posting on my blog, partly because I haven't finished any posts, and partly because of time. My schedule for school next year will be slightly fuller, and I just hope I can still keep up with everything I do, like playing the piano and dance. Not to mention homework and the random crafts that I suddenly get into. Like yesterday, I just decided I like making friendship bracelets. :)

  2. Thats fine! I am lilyo36082 if you remember.... I met you in aldan. I am your biggest fan. I love your writing, blog, and animals! You're awesome so if you don't post much thats fine and i am always checkin your blog.. every day!

  3. I check every day and I get soooo disappointed when you don't post.

  4. I checked one day and then the next.. But you didn't post. It mad me "sad" because I really like your blog. And I hope you will check out mine. BTW this is Pep, I'm just not logged in.

  5. Sometimes I'm glad you don't post that much, because it proves that you don't have to post regularly in order to have a successful and awesome blog. Sometimes I'm disappointed because I'm really looking forward to your new posts, but its fine because sometimes there isn't much to post. I'm glad you aren't another update blog because this way its easier to just see what you have to say without the updates which I can check on other blogs. When I stopped playing Animal Jam for a while (I was busy) I still checked your blog in case you noticed things about AJ that I would want to know for when I came back, or any of the non-AJ things you post.

  6. Thats fine! but I know I havent really been posting COMMENTS either. I still read your blog, and from now on for every new post you make, I'll post AT LEAST one comment. I check everyday for a new post, and there wasnt, but thats ok. BTW, off topic, but I JUST WENT THROUGH MY SECOND DAY OF MIDDLE SCHOOL! Im taking Chorus and Art and my ONLY 2 concerns are a.) math is my least favorite subject and my math teacher is has no decorations in his room- not even a poster! and b.) we wore a uniform for 6 whole years in elementary school, is it necessary or even appropriate to force poor 6th graders into these clothes that HAVE TO HAVE collars on the shirts, which have to be certain colors, tucked into our pants which have to be certain colors and we have to have a belt, and certain color sweaters, certain length bottoms, no denim- I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(((
    sorry for the long comment, i guess this makes up for not commenting, right? I just had to get it all out. uniform is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does ANYONE at ALL, I dont care if your Anonymous, I just want to know, does ANYONE go through cruel and unusual punishment with THE U- WORD?!??? I cant even SAY it, its too horrible...
    Lineyluv (ur just now figuring out who wrote this long comment :D LOL)

  7. i guess its ok sheesh4...:(