Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The AJ News Reporters

Hello everyone!

The AJ News Reporters asked me to advertise their Animal Jam blog called... The AJ News Reporters!
>.< Please check it out if you have the time! Maybe even leave a kind, encouraging comment or two! She doesn't have many views but she's obviously trying her best. She and her best friend forever in real life share the blog.

Click here to go the blog!


  1. I remember when I buddied her and then Tech66(I belive) came in and said "Cool blog!" and I was like "Whahhhhh?" and May(Lovelost) said "Search Animal Jam Flash.:-) " and then I figured that she had a blog.It was just true friendship not friendship for fame.
    Good times.T.T

    P.S. I would normaly comment and convince her to come back but I don't want to put her under pressure.

    1. Sorry I was going to post this on AJ News Reporters blog on the LoveLost post.

    2. LOL, but we all make mistakes!

  2. will you advertize my blog sheesh?

  3. O.O thank you thank you thank you so much! YOU ROCK! :D