Friday, August 24, 2012

The Shamans Are Now Called The Alphas!

Click this link to go to the Animal Jam Help Desk article on ALPHAS.
Click the picture for the full-size version.

Anyways, yep! Just like what the title says Shamans are now called Alphas as you can clearly see. I think this is probably because of the post that Geckoguy made on his blog Jammer Central. To see that post he made (it's about how the name "Shamans" is offensive to Christians) click here!

Jam on! And if you post this on your Animal Jam blog please be sure to give me credit and link to Animal Jam Insiders. :)


  1. what are shamans and alphas?

  2. :O why there the helpers of Mira the explorers of jamma jamma is the land they live onion mira is the giant bird you e
    See in the township!! -pokemon798

  3. I'm Christian and I didn't think it was offensive.... -caracal100

  4. I'm posting it on my blog AnimalJamLeap!

  5. Maybe they mean alphas as jammers but im unsure about this i think it is shamans cool post!

  6. No offence but the shaman's looked uglier than the alphas. You should've seen liza's face! XD