Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cool Horse Look, New Funny Picture, Apolgy

Hey everybody!

New funny picture up on the Funny Animal Jam Pictures page! Please check it out and comment!
Also, I found a horse with a great sense of fashion! Check her out! What do you think? Creative, huh?!

Also, I wanted to apologize for the late Jamaa Journal post and not updating the Codes page right when new codes came out. I didn't have the time. I'll get to it right now.


  1. pls see my fox it is an agent and my horse is a warrior and my dolphin is a under water police

  2. its a nonmember-fawn-horse! yay!

    1. she is a member sometimes when i lok at other peoples profiles that i know 100% thta there a mmeber it looks like there a non member it just sometimes glitches up like when im on my alt i look at my profile (i am a member) it does the same thing tome so technically its only a faw-horse! yay! X3