Saturday, September 1, 2012

Now There's No Sound When You Change Animals Update

Hey all,

Do you all remember my last post: Now There's No Sound When You Change Animals!? MangoShapedSpace said that they hear sound... But I didn't. And I actually CAN'T hear the old sound that we heard when someone changed animals. I can't hear the sound I used to make or the sound other people made. I hear the Animal Jam music and all the Animal Jam effects (like when a buddy comes online). My sound is turned on. I just don't hear the sound people/I used to make when we/I changed animals. And what a relief! That sound was so annoying. Anyways, I decided to do an experiment. I got on my non-member storage account: Sheesh4Storage, and tried changing animals. And I heard sound. I guess Animal Jam made it only a feature for members that you don't hear sound anymore. Poor non-members. D:

I changed to Firefox and there is sound! But when I'm on Google Chrome there isn't!


  1. I LOVE THAT SOUND!!!!!!! but im a member D:

    1. It's horrible. Like when I used to quietly go on my computer at 4 A.M. to post an item, and then when I log in that sound starts blasting out of the speakers. It litterally sounds like a chainsaw. At 4 A.M.

    2. Lol
      Same to me to I'm on my laptop at 4 am to XD

  2. Awwwwwww how could they removed that sound D:

  3. Wait yesterday I dont hear it and I hear it today

  4. My computer's audio has been broken for a while, so I didn't notice. I wish my computer's audio was working!! :(

  5. hi sorry to bother but i love your posts:)

  6. That is so stupid. :L
    AJHQ just does it all for the money. Everything is all about money.

  7. nonmembers cant go caps when they have dont have free chat. only ppl who have free chat can go caps.
    - dandelion334